Relocation Location

Does your energy, infrastructure, or process company need to relocate new staff or existing employees to a new facility or work site? The process of relocating staff can be complicated, even if you’re an American company handling an American relocation. Moving equipment, handling logistics for supply deliveries, and ensuring staff arrives by the time you need them can be a juggling act to say the least. If you need to relocate staff internationally, this can make things even more complex. You need to have a functional knowledge of the immigration, tax, and employment laws in the new country.

Each worker will need to apply for entry into the country. They will need passports, permits, and work visas. In some cases, professional certification transfers may also be necessary. Your company will need to arrange for travel and ensure there is adequate time for employees to rest and acclimate to the new environment before work starts. You may also begin to worry about tax withholdings, which can become complicated quickly when there is more than one country involved. Regardless of your relocation destination, the process can require a lot of resources, both financial and staff-related.

Different Locations Have Different Relocation Challenges

Relocations are almost always unique because of varying rules and laws. Different countries have different requirements for relocation and work visas. Due to paperwork and other requirements for relocation, France can prove to be a difficult destination, even though it is in Europe. As a farther destination for relocation, New Zealand presents its own challenges. As an island destination for relocation, N.Z. can cost more in terms of supplies, due to the additional logistics required for importing to a work site far from your home office.

Other locations can prove similarly challenging. When it comes to planning staff relocation, Africa can be a difficult destination. Quite a few relocation companies are limited in their scope. They may only operate in North America or Europe, leaving your company scrambling for another solution. You may have to work with a different relocation company for each region in which you operate, which could become very time consuming and frustrating for your staff, especially your human resources team. Choosing to work with an outside firm for relocations can simplify the whole process, but you need to make sure you choose a company who can handle any relocation to any location. Choose Airswift.

Airswift Understands All Kinds of Relocations

As the premiere workforce solutions provider for companies in the infrastructure, energy and process industries, Airswift has over three decades of experience in managing staff, office and corporate relocations. If you choose Airswift to manage your relocation process, you can focus on your daily operations instead of the minutia involved in compliance and logistics related to the relocation. Thanks to a team of experienced professionals, Airswift can handle even the most complicated and difficult relocation for virtually any location in the world.

Airswift has a global network which includes over 50 offices locations and on-site employees with knowledge of their local areas. You can rely on Airswift for support and relocation management, no matter how remote the destination. Find out how simple the relocation process can be when you choose Airswift for your relocation needs.