Relocation Management Worldwide

As your company continues to grow, it will undoubtedly need to expand to other countries. In the energy, infrastructure and process industries, competition is global. If your company hopes to compete with top performers, you will need to have truly global reach when it comes to your ability to fulfill contracts and market your services.

International growth requires the aid of relocation specialists. These professionals understand the process of helping contractors and employees relocate to a new country from a legal and a personal perspective.

If your business has been central to one location, your existing human resources or management team may not have extensive experience in worldwide relocation. If you choose to hire a professional relocation manager, worldwide relocation may not be part of their expertise and could cost you more money to keep them on your staff. It is important for expanding companies to move quickly and efficiently to support demand, and outsourcing your relocation needs to a company that offers worldwide relocation services will allow your business to continue to grow without worry of project delays.

Why Outsource Your Relocation Management?

There is a lot of detail involved in international relocation, from tax forms, travel visas and work permits to language barriers, navigating a new city and helping staff get from the airport to the worksite. Additionally, each country has different local laws and requirements, and the farther away your home office is from a contract worksite, the harder it will be for your company to successfully handle the relocation internally.

Partnering with a company that has extensive experience in relocation management worldwide is the perfect solution. Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider in the energy, process and infrastructure industries offering full global mobility solutions for your relocation needs. Choosing to work with a workforce solutions company like Airswift means that not only can we provide relocation services, but we also provide extended acquisition and consultancy solutions for any and all of your company staffing needs. We can support an individual worker that may need to relocate for an assignment as well as relocating an entire corporate workforce to a new location.

Airswift Can Help Relocate Contractors and Staff Anywhere You Need

Airswift maintains over 50 offices around the world with hundreds of employees who have local knowledge of their countries and other areas allowing you to expand business to any location in the world. Our consultants have the experience and expertise in local laws, regulations and customs to make the transition for your company and staff easy and seamless. Whether you need to relocate existing employees or hire staff that is already based in your new destination, Airswift can help navigate the logistics and processes necessary to relocate.

Airswift is dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs, and our impeccable record of client satisfaction is further proof as to why Airswift should be your first choice for your relocation management needs.