Relocation Package

Establishing your company as globally competitive in the energy, process or infrastructure industries can prove challenging. In order to continue to grow and develop your business, you will need to seek contracts and projects all over the world, which means you may need to recruit staff to work in remote areas. Of course, the success of each project and your company overall depend on the quality of work performed. If your company wants to thrive and make a profit, you will need to attract the best candidates for each position, no matter how remote the work site.

Offering your existing staff a competitive work relocation package when new projects start hiring can incentivize them to work in remote areas. You will also need to develop a competitive relocation package for new hires and contractors brought on for each project. If you are expanding your business into new locations and need to relocate an existing workforce, they may not feel positive about the move. Having a strong relocation package will make the transition less stressful and more desirable.

Creating a Competitive Relocation Package

Relocations can be quite expensive. You need to weigh the cost of relocating each individual worker against the potential profit from the project or new location. You also need to ensure that everything is done in compliance with work laws and tax laws in both the country where you have your headquarters and the new country. There are also the actual travel costs, as well as the fees and paperwork charges associated with the bureaucracy of international work. Your company has to arrange housing, coordinate your staff’s acclimation to the new country, and ensure legal compliance for all your workers.

From your employees’ perspective, the best relocation package likely includes information about their new home. If they do not speak the language, access to interpreters or basic phrases and cultural information can help. Information about how local laws and customs vary can prevent issues for your staff and your project. Working with an outside company for relocation packages can ensure your company is protected, your employees are cared for, and your process is compliant. Experience with the process could be the difference between success and delays or losses.

It’s important that your relocation offerings are competitive with a typical relocation package, but you don’t want to overspend on staff mobility either. This can prove challenging, especially for a company that many not already have a relocation package. Rather than spend more resources trying to stay competitive, choose to work with a company that has experience in both staffing and relocation. Choose Airswift.

Airswift Offers Comprehensive Workforce Solutions, Including Relocations

Growing into new regions and taking up profitable new contracts does not need to overextend your existing resources. When you choose Airswift as your workforce solutions provider, our team of experienced professionals can handle every aspect of employee relocations. Airswift can offer your employees an attractive relocation assistance package from as little as confirming all required documents prior to travel to ensuring someone is ready to greet them upon arrival. We have mobility specialists around the world with local knowledge to ensure your workers are relocated compliantly and safely. We understand how stressful relocation can be, especially when it is international, and it is important that our clients and their employees have a smooth and stress-free experience.

Airswift has more than three decades of experience in helping companies within the process, infrastructure and energy industries expand and grow in an increasingly global marketplace. With a network that includes more than 50 offices around the world, Airswift has the reach you need to relocate staff to any work site and the experience to ensure you’re protected and legally compliant.