Relocation Specialists

Moving staff from one country to another is a complicated process. There are so many details that your company has to manage. You need to identify any existing employees willing to relocate to the job site and ensure everyone relocating has all necessary travel arrangements, documentation, and medical requirements. Additionally, your company must take careful steps to ensure compliance with international work laws, income tax regulations, and local legal and cultural standards., which can be a lot of work.

The more varied and distant the locations where you need to move workers, the more complicated the relocation process can become. Even seasoned relocation experts on your internal staff may only have experience in one country or region, leaving your company to work overtime researching laws and regulations in a new area. Why should you waste all of those internal resources? Having another company manage your relocation process ensures you have the resources you need to move staff without increasing your overhead. If you worry about your ability to relocate staff to a new location, it may be time to call the relocation specialists at Airswift.

Outsourcing Relocation to Specialists Is an Efficient Solution

Unlike handling the process internally, which can require a lot of work and investment, outsourcing relocation to Airswift lets your company focus on what it does best.

Airswift specializes in creating customized, scalable workforce solutions for businesses, ranging from staffing solutions to mobility and relocation services. Airswift will partner with your business when you need to move a few contractors or an entire team to a new or remote location, giving you the ability to bid on and accept distant projects without concerns about finding workers to complete the task.

Airswift Has the Experience You Need and the Reach You Demand

Airswift is staffed by some of the best worldwide relocation specialists with technical backgrounds in the energy, infrastructure, and process fields. They understand the demands of your project, the requirements you have for your staff, and the compliance issues that your company will face when undertaking a massive project in another country. No matter how remote the location of your next project is, Airswift can help you relocate staff to the region.

With more than 60 offices in countries all over the world, Airswift has developed a truly global reach. Mobility is a core service provided by Airswift, which means that we have experience in helping companies move staff and supplies all over the world. Get support from an experienced relocation specialist. Choose Airswift to handle your global mobility needs.