Repsol Careers

Airswift is proud to work with many of the top name brands in the energy, process and infrastructure industries and provide staffing and recruiting services for them. We build relationships between talented contractors and the most rewarding companies. Together, we make the industry the best it can be.

Perhaps you are interested in Repsol careers; either as a potential candidate or a company looking to expand. We have the means to connect you effectively for the long haul through our wonderful, working relationships with individuals and brands.

Over 35 years ago, a small company in London with one office and fewer than 10 employees, we were not so concerned with Repsol jobs. We always looked to expansion as necessary for our future, and we concentrated on growing our brand. We now have more than 50 offices and hundreds of employees around the world. We have projects happening in 57 countries across six continents. This means a literal world of opportunity for our contractors and company clients. We could not do it without and the support from thousands of contractors who ensure those from our hand-picked talent pool are ready to serve you.


How can you know that Airswift is better equipped to make a match than other employment or energy, process and infrastructure staffing and recruiting agencies? We operate on a Golden Rule of Recruiting. When we send someone to apply with Repsol careers, he or she will meet no less than 90 percent of the criteria outlined in the required skill set. The candidates will also be motivated by factors that go beyond a paycheck, and they will be happy to accept your offered salary and job parameters.

Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. It is important to us that our candidates feel valued as workers and people, and know they can count on Airswift for personal and professional support.

No matter how great your human resources department might be, you can always use a little help. Airswift has professionals who can take on any HR task and work with your staff for streamlined, effective outcomes on Repsol jobs.


If Repsol careers are your goal or current project, Airswift is the solution for you. Please fill in the contact form below, visit the job board or office locator on our site to get started, and we will be in touch!