Research Jobs In Canada

One of the really beautiful things about the energy, process and infrastructure sectors is that they are global, and offer international opportunities to all of its participants. At Airswift, we have decades of experience in these sectors, and would be pleased to assist you with its research jobs in Canada.

We have over 50 offices located all over the world, and contractors working in 57 countries. When there are Saskatchewan oil jobs, or jobs NL energy, process and infrastructure companies need filled, we have the ability to hand select from an unparalleled database of contractors, many of whom want to relocate to the area. Our staff takes the time to match talent with need to ensure that the skilled jobs in Canada are benefiting everyone involved.


Although we are a specialist recruitment agency, we are deeply familiar with every aspect of the energy, process and infrastructure sectors. When the jobs NL is offering, or Saskatchewan oil jobs, call for trained and experienced researchers, we have the men and women who can perform those jobs. We provide personalized service that enables us to connect the finest talent with the jobs that can help it further develop.

For contractors, research jobs in Canada begin with an account manager who is your job search partner. The two of you will chat every two weeks to stay on the same page and will work together to ensure that your resume is attracting the eyes you want. Once you do get a job, we’ll begin to look for its replacement, as many of these positions are temporary. We understand that accepting the energy, process and infrastructure sector jobs NL might offer you could mean relocation, and if that’s the case, you can leave the logistics to us. From transportation and housing to passports, visas and immigration papers, we make the transition as smooth as possible. Better yet, we’ll throw in a concierge package to help you become familiar with the area.

If you’re an employer offering research jobs in Canada, prepare to meet candidates who fulfill 90% or more of your outlined skill set, and are motivated by passion, as well as a paycheck. Don’t worry about drug screens, background checks and salary arbitration — Airswift sees to any and all of your human resource requirements. In addition, we take care of payroll, as well as comprehensive benefits packages for contractors and their families.


Energy, process and infrastructure sectors are diverse, and their research jobs in Canada demand the utmost skill and organization. Airswift will be glad to help you locate Saskatchewan oil jobs, the jobs NL may have vacant or any other skilled jobs in Canada. If you need jobs like that filled, we can help out there, too. Please take a few minutes to complete our contact form below or look through the office locator for specific locations. We look forward to welcoming you into the Airswift legacy!