Resources For Canada Oil And Gas Jobs

Canada is home to some of the richest oil resources in the entire world, and it is where North America gets a lot of its oil. Airswift is proud to have locations in this great country, and we are proud to foster careers, success and relationships with the world of talent that gathers here. If you are an individual looking for work, or a company in need of fresh talent, please get in touch with us. We are a world leader in energy, process and infrastructure staffing and recruiting, and we would love to make you part of the Airswift tradition.

Alberta Oil Jobs

We love Alberta, which is a location that’s made for so many great things in the Airswift career. Our company prides itself on operating with a set of values, and it is important for us to express them. The health and safety of everyone involved in our jobs is of the utmost importance. Our service is world class and our work is the same. Every job is given respect, and the worker treated with integrity. Jobs are also designed to be fulfilling and the staffing process transparent. Click here to learn more about Alberta Oil Jobs.

Safety Jobs Alberta

Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our contractors and employees. We also care deeply about the safety of each business with whom we work, as well as the environment, which is so closely tied to what we do. Because of all this, safety jobs in Alberta and the wider Canada are always at the top of the list. If you think this is an area to which you can contribute, or where you need more energy in your company, please get in touch with our staff. Click here to learn more about Safety Jobs Alberta.

Bakken Oil Jobs

The Bakken in Montana and North Dakota is at the center of an Oil & Gas boom. The name is taken from an ancient rock formation, and it can represent the success of your career in the area. Depending on your level of experience and education, you can land jobs in drilling, as an engineer, in management, in administration, and many other fields. If you like the location, we can look for a replacement position when any temporary one comes to a close. Energy, process and infrastructure are the only sectors we assist, so you can feel confident that our concentration is fixed. Click here to learn more about Bakken Oil Jobs.

Oil and Gas Jobs in Calgary

Do jobs in Canada appeal to you, or do you need some filled in your company? Airswift is here to streamline the process and get you connected to the people that can make a difference to your career or organization. We maintain over 50 global locations, including Calgary, and each one is focused on its particular region. Our employees understand what the workers and bosses need in their area. While we always strive for perfection, we are also able to be flexible, as the industry can change and demand fast adjustments. Click here to learn more about Oil and Gas Jobs in Calgary.

Geology Jobs in Canada

Geology is an essential part of successful energy, process and infrastructure work. In order to locate the right materials, and do so safely and with minimal impact, we rely on the people that understand rock and its properties. If you’ve been looking to get out of the classroom or lab, and want to do something with more immediate results, get in touch with the staff at Airswift for geology jobs in Canada. If you need a geology expert for your staff, this is the place to look! Click here to learn more about Geology Jobs in Canada.

Oil Rig Jobs in Canada

Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Nowhere is this truer than in Canada. Since so much of North America’s oil comes from this country, it’s a huge piece of the industry as a whole. In fact, this is an attractive location for those workers who wish to relocate from elsewhere in the world. Our company clients love having this global pool of talent when looking for new workers and employees, and we are happy to oblige. Click here to learn more about Oil Rig Jobs in Canada.

Oil & Gas HR Jobs in Canada

Airswift is able to act as a human resources department for those companies without one or in need of some help. We are also able to offer staffing and recruiting for HR professionals that our clients will add to their permanent staff. Because Canada is experiencing such a boom in Oil & Gas business, the need for HR professionals is only going to increase, and since we so fully understand what the job entails, we are the perfect resource for those companies in need. If this is your field of expertise, let’s add your name to the database! Click here to learn more about Oil & Gas HR Jobs in Canada.

Oil & Gas Jobs Canada

At Airswift, we do a lot more that just fill job vacancies. We act as a career guide for a month, a year or for decades. In fact, we’ve had former contractors come back to us looking for new recruits of their own as company client. This is how we know we’re doing it right. It’s true that we started small in London, but now we’re working on six continents and in 57 countries, and that expansion has helped us to serve our Canadian associates very well. Click here to learn more about Oil & Gas Jobs Canada.

Research Jobs in Canada

Research is vital to the safety and success of energy, process and infrastructure projects everywhere in the world. Airswift is proud to work with some amazing researchers and put them to work with fabulous brands in the industry. Just like all of the rig workers, engineers and managers in our database, our research contractors are part of the Airswift core, and it is our pleasure to further their careers while also improving the function of the companies they assist. To find out more about research and how Airswift supports it, please get in touch with us today! Click here to learn more about Research Jobs in Canada.

Oil Jobs Canada

When it comes to oil jobs in Canada, Airswift is all about building connections. We’ve worked hard over the decades to build solid relationships with our company clients, many of whom are huge industry names. We also put a lot of time into personal interaction with our candidates and contractors. We do things to keep up morale, and we encourage everyone we work with to do the same. This is what makes the oil jobs in Canada successful! Click here to learn more about Oil Jobs Canada.

Northern Canada Jobs

Airswift gets involved with Northern Canada jobs in order to help individuals land the jobs of their dreams and to help businesses enrich their units. Ultimately, this is about improving the industry overall and doing our part to keep it efficient, safe, and moving forward. It’s important to us that our contractors feel valued, and we believe this makes happier, more productive workers for our clients. Whether it’s in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia or Canada in North America, we are committed to honesty, integrity, innovation, and transparency. Please call today to learn more! Click here to learn more about Northern Canada Jobs.