Rig Welder Jobs

Is your ear to the ground for the best available rig welder jobs, or are rig welders needed at your company? Airswift is your guide and solution for all things related to rig welding jobs in the United States and around the world.

Airswift began over 35 years ago, and today provides staffing and recruiting for rig welder jobs in 57 countries across the globe. We maintain over 50 office locations locations, and an unmatched database of contractors, including rig welding professionals. We’ve made it our mission to do whatever it takes, wherever it takes us, to be the biggest recruiting network in energy, process and infrastructure.

Taking Care of Rig Welding Jobs Details So You Can Focus on Development

Whether you want to create and fill rig welder jobs, or are keeping an eye out to see that “Rig Welders Wanted” sign, you need the support of an expert. Because our staffing and recruiting services are only offered in the energy sector, we have a deep understanding of the industry. We take care of the details and red tape of rig welding jobs, such as background checks, salary arbitration, contract negotiation, travel and lodging arrangements, legal documentation and all other human resource needs. When rig welders are needed, rely on Airswift to connect talent with open positions. Ultimately, contractors and employers can then concentrate on growing their careers and businesses.
Going Beyond “Rig Welders Needed”

As a contractor, you are part of the network as soon as you join up. We will immediately match you with an account manager, who touches base at least every two weeks to discuss the current rig welding opportunities. We’ll spend some time polishing your resume, and even look for replacement rig welding jobs if yours is temporary.

Helping You Fill Rig Welder Jobs

Airswift takes it beyond just publicizing that “Rig Welders Wanted” ad. We look at your requested credentials, and present candidates who meet at least 90% of them. These are people who want rig welding jobs because they have a passion for the energy industry, and seek personal development in addition to a paycheck. Because they only work with Airswift, and are not on the job boards, our contractors are not answering outside calls for rig welders needed. You can trust us to get you nothing but the best.

Contact Airswift Worldwide Resources Today for Rig Welding

Whether you are offering or hoping to accept rig welder jobs, Airswift is your solution. Please fill the contact form below or find a phone number with our office locator. We look forward to talking welding rig jobs with you!