Rotating Equipment Engineer Careers

Welcome to Airswift. As a global leader in energy, process and infrastructure staffing and recruiting, we can offer you workforce solutions that go far beyond simply finding you a job or filling empty spots in your company. Think of us as an extension of your human resources department or as a guide for your career.

In the beginning, we were a small company in London. Since that time, 35-plus years later, we have grown to employ more than 800 people in more than 50 international offices. We also work with over 6,000 contractors to bring the human talent in our global pool together with our top name brand company clients. We are defined by facilitating relationships that will make people happier and the industry better.


Airswift is proud to have an ongoing presence in 57 countries and across six continents. We were serious about expanding in our earlier days, and worked hard to spread out into continental Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and elsewhere. This has enabled us to specialize in relocation for our contractors, and opens up opportunities for both workers and employers. We will take care of the travel and housing arrangements, as well as legal documentation when needed. To help workers get to know their new homes better, we include a complimentary concierge pack.


We work only in the fields of energy, process and infrastructure. This allows us to become deeply familiar with every aspect of the industries. For example, perhaps you are interested in rotating equipment engineer jobs. While more employment agencies might be able to look this up and give you some information, do they have ongoing relationships with companies offering these job titles? Likely not.

At Airswift, we probably worked with a rotating equipment engineer last week. We do not have to look up the job description or send you to someone with more knowledge than us. We will immediately get going on your resume and find that first position. Later, we will continue to act as your career guide in this field.


Sick of going through piles of resumes, only to find no one that really qualifies for your vacant position? Let Airswift take on the vetting and hiring of your newest staff members. From background checks and negotiations to payroll services and benefits, we make it easy to connect with the ideal candidate and enter into a great relationship.

Our Golden Rule of Recruiting means that you will only meet men and women matching 90 percent or more of your outlined criteria. Each candidate will be eager for the rotating equipment engineer jobs, and agree to the offered salary.


Learn more about becoming or hiring a rotating equipment engineer when you view our worldwide offices, check out the list of jobs on our site, upload a resume or create your account. Businesses can complete the contact form below for companies to get started with staffing requests, and anyone may call to speak directly.