Roustabout Jobs

Roustabout jobs are just about the most essential thing to a well-run and successful rig. Airswift is proud to be a world leader in roustabout job staffing and recruiting and works hard to maintain and improve the companies of our clients and the careers of our contractors.

Beginning over 35 years ago, in the United Kingdom, we didn’t necessarily know that we’d one day be the ultimate resource for roustabout jobs in Texas. However, we did work hard to expand our reach on a global scale, and we now connect talent with need throughout the entire energy, process and infrastructure industries. For anyone looking for the perfect roustabout jobs, or hoping to take on a new employee, we’re the ones to call.


Airswift serves as a strategic partner to our clients, offering a turnkey workforce solution to capture and deliver the top talent needed to complete successful projects by aligning with the unique needs of our clients. From the corner CEO office to the newest roustabout positions, we make quality the priority. Our amazing network of hundreds of employees and thousands of consultants, working in more than 50 offices across the planet, means that we can also provide quantity. When an individual from our unparelleled database of contractors is looking for roustabout jobs in Texas, he or she is sure to find the right position. On the other hand, companies with vacant roustabout jobs have a world of candidates from which to choose.

We recognize the demanding nature of roustabout jobs in Texas and offer opportunities to enjoy your time on and off the clock. We provide individual support when needed and give employees comprehensive benefits packages. Finally, if you need to relocate, take advantage of the concierge pack we send with you.

As a client, you can hand the entire vetting and hiring process over to Airswift when you have a roustabout job to fill. Let us take care of the background checks, drug screens, salary arbitration, contract negotiation and other human resources tasks so that you can focus on your business and your brand. When we send a candidate to you, he or she will possess 90 percent or more of your needed skill set, and be genuinely excited about the position you offer. Whether it is trainee roustabout jobs or management level positions, you’ll get the exact individual you need.


When you’re ready to join up with the world’s leading energy, process and infrastructure staffing and recruiting agency, simply use our online contact form below or reach out to a particular office with the office locator. We recognize the importance of roustabout jobs, and look forward to helping you advance your career, or finding that ideal individual for the job.