Safety Engineer Jobs

Have you come across a safety engineer job description for the energy, process and infrastructure sectors and thought, “Hey, I can do that?” Maybe you’ve put a job description out there yourself and are waiting for the right person to bite. Wherever you come into a situation around process safety engineer jobs, Airswift is the right place to begin.

Aitrswift is a global company and a longtime leader in energy, process and infrastructure staffing and recruiting. We are deeply familiar with everything a safety engineer job description could say, and we use that knowledge to make the industry better. We are experts when it comes to matching talented individuals with the most rewarding companies, and we’re passionate about it. Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries.

When we were just getting started, our company and office in London were both small. However, we focused on growth, and now we work ongoing projects in 57 countries on six continents. We love our excellent relationships with top brands and amazing individuals, from rig workers to a process safety engineer to a corner office executive. Our database has the names of more candidates than any other company can deliver, we have over 50 international offices and thousands of contractors.


Vetting, hiring and training new employees is time consuming, but Airswift is here to help. We streamline your hiring process by taking care of the background checks, drug screens, salary arbitration, and contract negotiation. Anyone we send in response to your safety engineer job description will match at least 90 percent of your outlined skill set and be driven by the desire for professional growth as well as a paycheck. These men and women are not on the job boards, and they depend solely on Airswift for the advancement of their careers.

Each candidate comes to you with process safety engineering experience and an eagerness to operate within the environment and pay you’ve defined. Our mission is always to connect you with the candidate that will do the most for your energy, process and infrastructure brand.


Stop working with employment agencies that don’t understand you, and enjoy the attention of your own personal account manager. We’ll speak with you regularly about the job search and make your goals of duration, location, and position our own. If you get a temporary job, we’ll seek out a replacement. If you need to move overseas, we’ll take care of travel, housing and legal papers.


Put down the safety engineer job description and call today! You can use the contact form below or office locator to find us.