Security Jobs

Hiring local workers for important security jobs overseas can be an unnerving process, and it can be difficult to know how to handle hiring for security services, especially for companies that operate facilities in emerging markets around the world. Your company may not have necessary local contacts or access to local candidate databases to ensure the people you hire for security positions are qualified. If you do identify a candidate for your security position, it could take significant time and create delays trying to vet the person yourself.

The wrong kind of person could easily be attracted to your open security job, which could leave your company in a vulnerable position. You need to feel confident that all candidates have been thoroughly screened and have had their experience and backgrounds vetted. Many companies will seek assistance with the overseas recruitment process from one company and work with another company to coordinate the relocation of any other employees. Instead of working with multiple agencies, choose Airswift to support the hiring efforts of your security jobs.

Airswift is a global workforce solutions provider in the energy, process and infrastructure industries with over 30 years of experience supporting various staffing, recruitment and relocation needs. If you choose Airswift, we can connect you with professionals who are dedicated to building long-term security careers, and you can trust that all the candidates we identify for your critical security positions will be thoroughly vetted by our experienced professionals.

Security Hiring Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

If your company needs to find candidates to fill open security jobs, Airswift can help make the process more streamlined by connecting your company with the right candidates from our database of over 500,000 professionals as well as providing necessary training and relocation services for skilled and experienced security professionals who may not be local to your job site. We will make sure your security job description is published on our job board and within our major networks to ensure the right candidates apply for the open position. The team at Airswift will handle every step of the recruiting and hiring process, including background checks, resume verification, interview advice and medical requirements.

Whether you’re filling one temporary security position or have dozens of security jobs in disparate locations, Airswift can still support your needs by utilizing our global network, and our new Delivery Centres, which provide our clients and customers with 24/7 support. Choose Airswift to make security hiring simple.

Choose Airswift to Fill Security Positions

Airswift can give your company more than what basic staffing agencies offer. Airswift can create customized, scalable workforce solutions for any of your workforce needs. This means we can provide more than just recruitment. We offer a variety of solutions, services and consulting to make sure you company has the best workforce in your industry. Airswift has more than 700 employees in over 50 offices, 6,000 contractors working in over 50 countries, and over 30 years of expertise finding the right worker for critical positions. The right security professional can help ensure your workers are safe and that none of your supplies, products or machinery is stolen.

You should not compromise when filling this critical role. Choose Airswift today. retaining the most qualified security professionals.