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    Is the job search Singapore employment agencies are offering starting to feel a little stale? If so, stop dealing with people who do not understand your needs, and sign up with Airswift. We not only know about Singapore job vacancies in energy, process and infrastructure, but we are dedicated to filling them with the right people in a speedy manner.

    At Airswift, we pride ourselves on a targeted staffing and recruiting process that understands the energy, process and infrastructure sectors completely. The job search Singapore employees experience, and our interactions with companies in that region is supportive, efficient and successful. Let us put our decades of knowledge to work for you by connecting talent with companies’ need for the most enjoyable jobs in Singapore.

    Over 35 years ago, Airswift started as a small company in London. Singapore job vacancies were not at the forefront of our minds, but continued expansion and curiosity expanded our business. Today, we have more than 50 offices around the world and the capabilities for a job search Singapore cannot match anywhere else. Trust our 800+ employees and 6,000+ of contractors to match the extensive wealth of candidates in our database with the industry’s leading brands.


    Whether you are from the area or want to relocate to Singapore, Airswift is your solution. After you apply for a job, we will connect you with a recruitment specialist to support you through the hiring process of that position. Once you are a contractor, you will have your own account manager for managing your new position and searching for any future positions. If you need to relocate to complete your Singapore job search, count on us to manage travel and housing logistics, as well as your benefits package. You will feel secure with our visas, immigration papers, and passports assistance.

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    Do not look to any general agency. Airswift is ready to fill your Singapore job vacancies in energy, process and infrastructure. Any candidate you meet will match with 90 percent or more of your specified criteria. He or she will be driven by factors other than monetary compensation and come to you with the desired level of experience, skill and eagerness to grow within your organization. We can administer background checks and various negotiations, making it simple for you to choose among the highly qualified people we send your way.

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    When you are through with the job search Singapore staffing and recruiting agencies are offering, come to Airswift. Please feel free to use the contact form below to reach us, or apply for a job. Whether you are relocating down the street or across the world, we are here to help make the transition a smooth one. Call today!

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