Staffing Agencies Houston

Airswift is a leader among job agencies in Houston, TX especially when it comes to staffing and recruiting in the energy, process and infrastructure sectors. We have decades of experience in locating and filling jobs in this exciting sector of the marketplace. Companies that are expanding into Houston or growing their business beyond Houston may find themselves in need of staffing solutions. In these situations, organizations want to work with the best staffing agencies and job agencies in Houston. It would be our honor to assist in finding the job of your dreams if you are a job seeker, or staffing your company if you are in need of talent.


Both contractors and employers will benefit from the personal attention of Airswift. We are dedicated to matching talent with need, and have a much farther reach than many other staffing agencies Houston has today. While other Houston recruitment agencies might only be able to connect you with regional jobs and workers, we have a presence all over the world. In fact, the Airswift staffing agencies in Houston have over 50 sister offices around the globe. Wherever you are, we will meet you there.

You will receive your own account manager who will speak with you at least every two weeks, and ensure that you’re on the same page as far as goals are concerned. We’ll spend some time polishing your resume, helping it attract the right eyes. Even when you’ve found a job, we don’t stop working. Since many energy, process and infrastructure industry jobs are temporary, we’ll get to work on finding a replacement one for you as soon as we can.

When you are looking to fill jobs, you have limited time in which to deal with all the red tape. From our database of contractors exceeding any you’ll find in the industry, we’ll select professionals who meet 90 percent or more of your criteria, and are driven by a true passion for the job not just a paycheck. Better yet, we take care of all the HR details, including salary arbitration, background checks, contract negotiation, drug screens and more. Whether you are looking for a person with physical labor skills or someone to work from the corner office, we are one of those rare recruiting agencies in Houston who can assist at every level.


Staffing and recruiting agencies in Houston are always looking to fill positions in both the fields and in administrative offices. Because of their importance in the global energy trade, Houston job agencies often need to fill positions that go beyond the scope of the city itself and across the world. By using Airswift as your staffing agency, you ensure easy and intuitive travel and relocation services. We currently operate in over 50 global offices and staff contractors in as many countries, maintaining relationships with visa and passport agencies to ensure easy access for you no matter what country you are assigned to work in.

In addition, people might think of only entry level or temporary positions when considering employment agencies. Airswift does all of this and so much more. We take a look at the needs and goals of our candidates, as well as the immediate needs of our company clients. We spend the time making the right match, whether it means temporary and seasonal work for roustabouts, or a permanent job in the corner office. Clerical, engineering, administrative, executive, and labor-intensive disciplines are all within our scope of capability.

We strive to be the biggest and best global network in the energy, process and infrastructure sectors. Other staffing agencies in Houston, TX, may only be concerned with finding and completing jobs, but our Houston staffing agencies want you to enjoy personal attention and genuine care. In addition, we outshine competing staffing companies Houston, TX, by having excellent benefits packages and relocation provisions.


Filling multiple positions at the same time can be difficult. Even if you post your jobs on several websites, you may not attract the talent you need. Internal networking efforts can be substantially limited for a local staffing agency, especially when you compare it to the networking power of a global workforce solutions provider like Airswift. Our local presence and international reach allow us to help our clients fill skilled positions quickly. If you are growing and expanding, you should not have delayed contracts or deadlines just because you can’t find the talent you need. At Airswift, we can help you find the talent you need, when you need it in Houston and worldwide.


When you need the best staffing solutions Houston, TX, can offer to date, get in touch with Airswift. Please take a few minutes to complete our contact form below or look through the office locator. No other staffing that Houston, TX can offer comes close to Airswift, and it will be our pleasure to support your career or your business. Call today!