Staffing Agencies Pittsburgh

When you look at the staffing agencies Pittsburgh has today, do you feel like your needs are truly being met? Whether you’re an individual, looking to jump start your career, or a highly respected energy, process and infrastructure sector company operating on a global scale, you need to know that your local employment resources have what it takes to meet your needs.


Airswift started in a small London office serving in the United Kingdom. Today, we’ve grown into a global leader, and that includes being among the leading staffing agencies in Pittsburgh, PA. We have over 50 offices all over the globe, a database with the names of contractors you won’t find elsewhere in the industries we serve and people working in 57 countries. Add to this the power of hundreds of Airswift employees, thousands of associated consultants, and your motivation, and you’ve got the winning recipe for successful staffing and recruiting.


Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. While we are proud to be a growing and global company, we’re more concerned with quality than quantity. It’s our mission to give every client and every contractor the opportunities they need to advance careers and businesses, and this is one of the things that sets us apart from other recruiters in Pittsburgh, PA.

We might be spread all over the world, but each and every one of our contractors is part of the Airswift core network. In this spirit, we do what we can to support you through the job search, relocation, promotion, and beyond. In fact, many of our former contractors come back to us when they are seeking employees of their own, and just aren’t happy with the alternative staffing agencies Pittsburgh has to offer.

Of course, we care deeply about our company clients as well, and we work hard to enhance existing human resources efforts. Rest assured that any candidate you meet from Airswift will fulfill 90 percent or more of your designated criteria. He or she will have experience as well as a passion that goes beyond only wanting a paycheck. Since our professionals do not use the job boards or other staffing agencies in Pittsburgh, PA, you can be assured that they only go through Arrswift and will not bail out on you at the last minute.


We want you to grow with us, and help to make the energy, process and infrastructure sectors a better atmosphere. Setting ourselves above the other staffing agencies Pittsburgh can offer, we are the ones you can trust for the best possible opportunities. Reach us by completing the contact form below or get in touch via our office locator. It will be our pleasure to speak with you about the opportunities in the energy, process and infrastructure sectors!