Staffing Agencies San Antonio

The staffing agencies in San Antonio have a lot to offer, but it’s limited if you work in a specific industry. For those looking to work in energy, process and infrastructure fields, or develop a relationship with the leading energy, process and infrastructure staffer and recruiter, look no further than Airswift. We have three and a half decades of experience working solely in the energy, process and infrastructure industries.

Airswift began in a small office in London with a handful of employees. In the decades since, we’ve not only become one of the best staffing agencies San Antonio has seen to date, but have established over 50 offices all over the planet. A handful of employees became hundreds. We partner with thousands of contractors, and our pool of talent is unparalleled. This dynamic, all working together, makes it possible for Airswift to work projects in 57 countries on six continents including the staffing agencies in San Antonio.


Both our company clients and individual contractors understand how important Airwift is to regional energy, process and infrastructure fields. Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Whether they’ve been through all the staffing agencies in San Antonio, TX, or are looking to relocate from elsewhere in the world, they know Airswift is an invaluable guide.

Once people sign up to be a contractor candidate, we work hard to let them know they’re supported both on and off the clock. First, candidates work with a personal account manager and get their resume in shape. Once a position is landed, the whole company looks for its replacement, should it be temporary. Don’t worry if obtaining documentation quickly is a challenge – we work with governmental organizations to rush passports, visas and immigration papers.

This is how we stand above the other staffing agencies in San Antonio. When you’ve gotten to this point with Airswift, you’ll start enjoying things like a comprehensive benefits package, individualized support and even a concierge pack if you’ve relocated. How many staffing agencies in San Antonio can say that?

For companies offering jobs, we streamline the vetting and hiring processes to give you more time to focus on your business. Let us take care of all human resources needs from background checks and drug screens to ensuring any candidate you meet fulfills at least 90 percent of your specified skill set. Each man and woman sent for an interview has real life energy, process and infrastructure experience and doesn’t work with the other San Antonio staffing agencies.


Airswift is among the leading staffing agencies in San Antonio, TX. When you want to learn more, please use the contact form below or check out the office locator.