Structural Engineer Jobs In Oil And Gas


    In order to provide Oil & Gas for the entire world, structural engineering jobs must be filled on oil rigs, fields, refineries and pipelines. The massive structures that deliver our Oil & Gas needs are some of the most complicated devices in the world, and skilled, trained, and educated structural engineers are vital employees to any major producer in the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Airswift is a staffing agency in these sectors that provides a dedicated workforce to the regions of the world that are in most need of structural engineer jobs.

    Provide Design Solutions For Energy Production

    Your structural engineer career with Airswift places you at the forefront of designing complicated structures that provide the fuel that powers the world economy. You will be responsible for selecting the correct building materials, examining existing structures for design consistency, and working with architects in order to ensure the structural integrity of buildings and complicated equipment.


    Oil rigs can be dangerous places to work if they are not designed properly. In your new structural engineer career, you will ensure that the structures that make up the oil fields, rigs and refineries are sound enough not to collapse and cause damage to surrounding property or people. You will be responsible for using computer-aided drafting software to account for possible natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes to make sure the equipment and structures can withstand even the most intense conditions.


    Not only do our available structural engineer jobs give you an opportunity to harness your education into a rewarding field, they also provide other perks you won't find in other industries. If you want to travel the world, oil rigs pop up virtually everywhere and structural engineer jobs need to be filled. While most structural engineering jobs will take care of your finances, working in the energy, process and infrastructure industries gives you more growth opportunities and a better chance to succeed.


    If you are ready to take your structural engineer career to the next level, Airswift wants to help you out. We have placed people in structural engineering jobs with the most reputable companies for close to 36 years and have some of the best connections in the entire industry. If you are ready to break into the energy, process and infrastructure industries, fill in the contact form below and a representative will reach you as soon as possible. If you have detailed questions about your new career path, call our office and receive personalized answers from one of our staff members.

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