Structural Engineering Jobs

For those with experience seeking structural engineer jobs, the job search can often be an ongoing process. Many times structural engineering jobs are short-term based on the design, creation and construction of a building or piece of machinery, which means structural engineers are regularly looking for their next position.  However, when you choose to work with a workforce solutions provider like Airswift, you will spend less time searching for a job and gain access to a world of opportunities.

What Does a Structural Engineer Do?

The structural engineer job description is complex. They are engineers who are trained to understand the demands and pressures on a building in any given environment. Structural engineering job responsibilities include an understanding of the materials used in individual construction projects, their limits and uses, and managing the process of construction or manufacturing. While many times structural engineers work on buildings, bridges, and other forms of infrastructure, they can also create machinery and vehicles, which means demand for structural engineers in many different fields.

The Frustrations of Finding Structural Engineering Positions

It can be an arduous process to look for structural engineering job opportunities. From needing to check job boards, employer sites, and social media daily to the time-consuming process of updating resumes and creating individual cover letters, finding a structural engineering position can feel like an unpaid full-time job.

Many positions with local companies are filled internally or with internal recommendations, even if they are posted as open. It can be difficult and frustrating to try to find a position whose needs overlap with your educational background and job experience.

Working with a Workforce Solutions Company Streamlines the Job Search

Deciding to work with a placement company can speed up the process of finding your next structural engineering position. They can connect you with employers who are looking for someone with your specific skill set and professional and educational experience.

Choose Airswift for Your Structural Engineering Placement

Airswift is a global leader in workforce solutions in the energy, process and infrastructure industries. For over 30 years, Airswift has gained a reputation of successfully matching top talent with major companies around the world. Airswift has a global reach with a local presence in over 50 countries and world-class services.

When the time comes to locate your next structural engineering position, choose Airswift, and learn how easy and painless it can be to connect with the right employer!