Talent Acquisition Manager

Is your company expanding and considering creating talent acquisition manager jobs internally? Does your human resources or management team struggle to find the right talent for positions your company needs to fill, whether those positions are domestic or international, permanent or contract based?  Is your company growing quickly and finding itself scrambling to connect with the kind of talent it needs to fulfill orders or contracts?

Don’t risk losing out on income because your business doesn’t have the talent to fulfill its obligations. If your company needs help locating the right people for internal positions, you probably have a need for a talent acquisition manager.

What Does a Talent Acquisition Manager Do?

If you don’t personally have a professional background in human resources or talent acquisition, you may wonder, “What does an acquisition manager do?” or even, “What is a talent acquisition manager?” If the title itself didn’t provide enough insight, it can be helpful to consider a talent acquisition manager job description.

Essentially, a manager of talent acquisition handles the process of location, vetting, and hiring potential talent to expand your company’s workforce. They may focus on consulting for international hiring, finding full-time permanent hires for your company, or locating contract workers for upcoming projects.

Why Consider Outsourcing Your Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is a complicated and technical job. If no one on your existing human resources or management teams has adequate knowledge or experience in this field, you may find it hard to locate the right person for the job.

How Outsourcing Talent Acquisition Helps

In addition to freeing up the money and taking the strain off of your existing human resources and management teams, outsourcing talent acquisition can speed up the hiring process. Working with established and experienced talent acquisition professionals can ensure that your company is connected with the talent it needs.

A globally-oriented talent acquisition and workforce solutions provider, like Airswift, can locate, vet, and relocate the talent you need, when you need it.

Choose Airswift for Your Talent Acquisition Needs

Whether you need to hire short-term contract talent, full-time permanent talent, or international workers for positions in another country, Airswift has the experience and the established connections with contractors for your company. With over 50 offices around the world, Airswift can find the right contractors for your positions.