Talent Mapping

Talent mapping is forming an increasingly integral part of the global business strategy. A growing number of companies are seeking to use it as a method of understanding their current talent pool and define what they need to do to help it progress. This allows companies to determine who they need to hire in order to move forward in their field, an important aspect to any business.

What is Talent Mapping?

Talent mapping is strategic workforce planning, which manages the balance between high performance and high potential talent in order to determine what skill sets are missing from the company and inhibiting progress. High performance workers are the ones who are currently achieving success in the company and can be trusted to do their job well. High potential workers are those that have not yet reached their career potential and  continue to grow in their field. While some of the high performance workers are doing a good job, they may not be equipped for future job development. The goal of talent mapping is to find out where these high potential and high performance workers intersect and be able to hire workers for these qualification gaps.

How does Talent Mapping work?

There are two ways to do the talent mapping process: You can either work forward or backward. Working forward would imply that you make an assessment of all of the talent you currently have. For instance, you may see that you have a high performance majority, but they lack growth potential, so you can determine where the skill gaps are to understand if they are reparable in a current individual or if you should simply hire someone to fill that gap. The opposing option has the leaders of the company identify critical roles for the future, and then work backward to assess if their current workforce possesses the skills required to perform in these roles. Additionally, you always have the option to hire professionals to ensure quality and accuracy.

Hire Airswift to Do This Process for You

Airswift is perfect for finding new talent to fit very specific skill sets and provides you with real-time talent mapping. We find top talent that possesses 90% or higher of the skills that you have outlined, ensuring that you will get a new hire that is a perfect match for the skills your company may lack. We only look at clients that are available to work in the specified salary range, and we additionally ensure that our applicants are motivated by at least one non-monetary factor, such as the desire for career or personal development through this new job opportunity.

Our talent mapping gives you:

  • Visibility of peer and competitor companies
  • Clarity and consistency in information
  • Ability to select the best candidates
  • Live salary benchmarking data for each engaged candidate
  • Perception information directly from the target employee market

We’ll be sure to find you the contractor you are looking for, so there will be no limit to your company’s potential.