Temporary Jobs Houston

If you are looking to find or fill the temp jobs Houston has to offer, don’t wait another minute to contact Airswift. We are proud to be the leading and largest recruitment organization in today’s energy, process and infrastructure sectors, and have what it takes to connect talent with exciting positions.


We are a global company that offers extensive support and services through personal attention and relationships in the energy, process and infrastructure fields. Unlike with other temporary jobs Houston employees and employers encounter, a match made through Airswift is based on aptitude, true passion and research. It is important to us that our contractors feel valued, and experience our respect for their personal lives. It is also essential that our clients know they can trust us to introduce job candidates that meet the need for manpower and harbor a true interest in their jobs.

Through over 50 offices around the globe, we have over 800 employees and 6,000 contractors. Each contractor receives the support of an account manager and consistent communication with their local base. We see to all of the details of staffing for both job seekers and employers, creating a streamlined process that makes things as simple for you as possible. This is so much more that you will find with most temp jobs Houston sees today.


From the minute you become one of our contractors, you will work with an account manager as a point of contact and information. We will help you develop a resume that highlights your skill and passion, and is designed to attract the eyes of your preferred employers. As a global company, we are present in 57 countries, and speak with you every two weeks regarding your current position. If you are thinking of moving after finishing temporary jobs in Houston, TX, we will work to find you something new in a different location. When you do move, take advantage of our “concierge packs,” which can make you more comfortable in your new home.


When you are offering temp jobs — Houston or elsewhere — we ensure that you meet candidates that fit the bill. From passing the background checks and drug tests to fulfilling at least 90 percent of the skills you require, our contractors are tailored to your preferences. Even better, these men and women are motivated by more than just money, and are geared toward development and career success. We make certain that your contractors have the logistics, housing and transportation essentials they need to get your job done, and even offer our own comprehensive benefits packages.


When you partner with Airswift, you are joining an unparalleled global presence. The level of experience, exposure and expertise that we boast is unparalleled. To find out more about the temp jobs Houston professionals seek and offer in energy, process and infrastructure sectors, fill the contact form below or send an email to our offices.