Temporary Services Houston

Sometimes, a temporary position is exactly what you want, and you deserve an employment agency that’s ready to work with you within your timeframe. While Houston temp agencies are plentiful, can they really connect you with the people and opportunities you’re seeking?

Enter Airswift. For three and a half decades, we’ve provided the assistance for temp Houston jobs that make a world of difference to the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Whether you’re looking for a job, or hoping for that perfect candidate for your company’s addition, we’re the ones you can count on. Our start happened in a small London office, and we’ve since grown to over 50 global offices, more candidates in our database than any other company, over 800 employees, and 6,000 contractors. Our projects take place in 57 countries across six continents, and we’ve developed amazing relationships all over the world.


Some people shy away at the idea of temporary work, though many revel in the chance for change and opportunity. Working with our temp services in Houston can mean getting to know a different side of your own city, or a chance to learn a new city if you’re coming to Texas from a totally different country. Enjoy meeting new people and experiencing a new place, all while making good money and gaining great experience. When the position ends, Airswift will have new positions ready and waiting, whether it’s more temp Houston jobs or somewhere else entirely.


As soon as you sign up with Airswift, you’ll be assigned to a personal account manager who keeps you abreast of what’s happening. Together, you’ll ensure that your resume is ready to attract the right eyes and that your personal and professional goals are being tended to. Rest assured that we work with the industry’s leading brands and can guide you into a career full of excitement and promise.


There are plenty of people out there looking for good temporary work, and Airswift has these people in the candidate database. Since they’re not on the job boards, these men and women only look to Airswift for new energy, process and infrastructure jobs and are ready to meet your qualifications. Let us handle background checks, negotiations, and payroll while you keep growing your business.


We’ve got tons of Houston temp work with the best energy, process and infrastructure companies in the world. Please use the online contact form below or our office locator to find the right office, and find out how you can get involved. We look forward to speaking with you!