Temporary Staffing Agencies

Welcome to Airswift. Our international group of energy, process and infrastructure recruiters and staffers will be honored to fill your need for industry temporary staff at any level of your business. We also have decades of experience when it comes to helping contractors find the positions they love.

The world of energy, process and infrastructure depends on the people who create and perform temporary work. Because we are a global network with over 50 offices, 800 employees and 6,000 contractors working in 57 countries, we have endless solutions for temp staff needs and goals. Our geographical reach and pool of talent to draw from is unmatched in the industry and the level of experience, exposure and expertise that the organization has is unsurpassed.

We are concerned not with being the biggest, but rather the best. With an unprecedented balance of large-scale resources and personalized attention, we make certain that contractors and clients alike enjoy support for their professional goals and immediate needs. We also strive to make a difference in our communities through volunteer work and assistance in times of crisis.


When a contractor joins Airswift, he or she is quickly assigned an account manager. This person will be in touch with you every two weeks to discuss your career and current opportunities. We will also take some time to polish your resume, targeting it to match your desired work. After you begin a new job as temp staff, we will be looking for your next position, reducing the chance of lost work time and income.

For employers, we make it simple to bring on temporary staff. We take care of the background checks, drug screening, contract negotiation and other human resources needs. In addition, we make certain that the candidates submitted for your review can fulfill no less than 90% of your outlined skill requirements. We are also prepared to assist with payroll and benefits packages.


We make serious efforts to let you know that we care about our contractors. For workers, this support is invaluable throughout their time with us. Employers know, too, that their temp staff is well taken care of and valued by our agency. Airswift has even been known to book a cruise for a contractor’s spouse who was unable to fly!
Because we can find and fill energy, process and infrastructure jobs of all sorts permanent or temporary staff we keep you connected to a wide variety of professionals and positions. Often, former contractors return to Airswift when they need their own temp staff.


When you require the finest energy, process and infrastructure sector temporary staff talent, or are looking for that next temporary project, fill the contact form below or send an email to the offices of Airswift. We look forward to hearing from, and working with, you!