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When you’re thinking about working in the energy, infrastructure or process industry, you’re probably not focused on the interview and hiring process. Both contractors and companies want to move past that and start building the relationships that make the industry so great. From Tenaris careers, to something in your hometown, Airswift is your means of making it happen!

For more than 35 years, we’ve been connecting amazing talent and promise with energy companies that offer the best rewards and professional growth. We understand that it’s about more than a paycheck and filled position – it’s about security and letting people know they’re needed.

Perhaps you’ve looked into Tenaris jobs before, but with another staffing and recruiting agency that doesn’t specialize in energy. While they might have some idea of what you need and want, they’re not going to have the deep and long-term understanding of how things work. That’s the Airswift difference, and we uphold it with pride. Our interactions with top companies and outstanding individuals are evident when former contractors come to us, looking for workers for their own projects.

For the Job Hunter

Whether it’s Tenaris careers, or anything else, Airswift has its finger on the button of opportunity. Sign up with us, and you’ll immediately be matched with a personal account manager. He or she will be in contact every two weeks to discuss your job search and any potential situations. Your resume will be looked over by experts and polished to catch the attention of your ideal employer. Once you find that perfect job, we’ll try to find its replacement, as many projects are only temporary.

For the Job Creator

Tired of endless interviews that result in nothing? Get ready to meet fully vetted, highly experienced people who are eager to work for you. These men and women are not listed on the job boards and look to Airswift for their exciting careers. Each of them will meet 90 percent or more of your outlined criteria and want Tenaris jobs that provide growth as well as a paycheck. Let us streamline your employment process and introduce you to the cream of the crop!

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When you’re ready to learn more about finding Tenaris careers, or providing a job with your company, fill in our contact form below or reach a particular office using the office locator. Thank you for your interest in Airswift!