Total Talent Agency

In the growing industries of energy, process and infrastructure, finding the right candidates for your company and projects can be a difficult task to navigate. Depending on what specifics you are looking for, your internal human resources department and management teams may not have the resources or dedicated time to search for a prospective candidate. Additionally, it can be hard to understand the various talent information that is out there and determine which is best for your business. Many people search for a total talent agency or a staffing form that may offer services for total talent in the UK. However, these companies may not have the latest information or capacity to support your specific needs. Airswift is a global workforce solutions provider within the energy, process and infrastructure industries with a total talent solution and insights.

Airswift provides a pre-configured, ready-to-use, high velocity total talent solution to provide candidate analytics and talent information, such as availability, cost and capability, as well as industry benchmarks to provide you with competitive and compliant workforces. No matter the location, Airswift can help you identify the right talent, UK or abroad. Whether you’re an international company looking for help sourcing UK labor or a UK company expanding overseas in need of staffing, Airswift can help you locate and retain the workforce and staffing that you need to keep your company growing profitably.

Why Work with a Total Talent Agency?

Is there anything more frustrating than being limited by the size or skill level of your existing management and human resources teams? If your human resources team members do not understand the highly technical positions they are filling, will they be able to properly vet and verify the skills, educational background, and relevant work history of potential candidates? How many salaried hours will be invested into each individual candidate? Keeping your hiring internal can result in serious mistakes and financial losses. Choosing to work with Airswift can be more accurate and affordable.

As a global workforce solutions provider, Airswift provides a range of comprehensive services to help your business stay competitive in your industry. While the need for talent exists, quick and timely talent data may not. In order to provide our clients with the most updated information, we offer total talent insights which help our customers identify talent, plan for future talent needs and succession and manage workforces and cost savings.  We understand the demands of technical positions in the energy, infrastructure or process industries and can help connect your company with the right kind of candidates for your open positions. Whether you are looking for domestic work at your main office, staffing for an offshore contract or both, Airswift can handle every aspect of the recruiting process.

Choose Airswift as Your Total Talent Agency

If you choose Airswift for our total talent solutions, you will find that we can provide additional services tailored to your specific business goals. For over 30 years, Airswift has partnered with companies of all sizes all around the world to provide full workforce solutions. We maintain over 50 offices around the world with hundreds of employees available to support your business and workforce.

Don’t settle for less. Choose Airswift and reap the benefits of outsourcing all your workforce needs to one competent and trusted total talent agency.