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As a global Oil & Gas exploration company, Tullow Oil is represented in more than 20 countries around the world, and produces tens of thousands of barrels of oil each day. Most of the company’s activity happens in Africa, and its standing in the marketplace is well above average. Tullow Oil jobs may prove to be a sustainable and lucrative move for a candidate like you. Airswift can help by connecting you with the employers looking to fill Tullow Oil vacancies.

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You may be wondering how Airswift can do more for you than any other recruiting service. It’s simple: For more than 35 years, we’ve zeroed in on the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Our knowledge in this arena is extensive, and we have partnerships with many of the top names in the field. Today, Tullow Oil jobs are among the many positions that we are able to fill for our corporate clients.

Energy, process and infrastructure are global industries, and Airswift maintains a global presence to match. Airswift serves as a strategic partner to international clients, offering a turnkey workforce solution to recognize and deliver the top talent for completing successful projects by aligning with the individual needs of our clients.

It’s not uncommon for both candidates and clients to prefer to work with Airswift. Our six-step recruitment process has provided us with a high-quality contractor base and has formed great relationships with countless individuals and organizations. We emphasize quality over quantity, and in turn are able to offer the best recruitment services to our clients and candidates. At Airswift, we go out of our way to ensure employees and employers are functionally matched for the best working relationships.

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