UK Oil & Gas Job Resources

Welcome to Airswift. We got our start more than 35 years ago, and have since grown to 800 employees in over 50 offices around the world. While we continue to focus on growth, we truly enjoy having a local presence near all of our offices including the UK.

Engineering Jobs UK

As an engineer, you could go into a number of areas in Oil & Gas. In the UK, exploration in the North Sea area is especially exciting. Structural engineers, geotechnical professionals, and marine biologists can find opportunities in this area. Airswift is your solution when it comes to connecting with professionals to the companies with said opportunities. For those companies, we can take care of any human resources tasks and continue to be a resource thereafter. Click here to learn more about Engineering Jobs UK.

Oil & Gas Jobs UK

For those candidates who want to be contractors with Airswift, get in touch with our recruitment consultants. A recruiter will get in touch with you every two weeks to discuss search for opportunities. If you are placed in a temporary position, we will immediately begin looking for your next position. For job creators, we only send candidates who meet 90 percent or more of your requirements and is driven by motivation – not just a paycheck. Click here to learn more about Oil & Gas Jobs UK.

Oil & Gas Jobs London

London is one of the best locations in the Oil & Gas industry. Since our start, we have grown and now have more than 50 offices around the world. There are plenty of other employment agencies in London, but none of them are as committed to the industry, or as connected to the sector’s top names, than Airswift. Click here to learn more about Oil & Gas Jobs London.

Oil & Gas Companies London

Do you like the idea of working with the top brands in the Oil & Gas business? We have excellent working relationships with several of the top companies in the area. For you, we provide access to a global pool of talent. Whether we’re working with the most well-known companies, or smaller sector-specific companies, we operate on a solid code of ethics. Click here to learn more about Oil & Gas Companies London.

Oil Rig Jobs UK

At Airswift, we pride ourselves on meeting your needs and guiding you toward your vision. This is true for both contractors and company clients. If you’re a contractor, you count on Airswift for support in finding opportunities and ongoing guidance for your successful career with the best Oil & Gas companies in the world. If you’re a company client, you have the option of letting Airswift handle human resources, payroll services, and benefits packages. We’ll only send you candidates who work exclusively with us and will meet 90 percent or more of your required criteria. Both contractors and company clients experience world class service from Airswift. Click here to learn more about Oil Rig Jobs UK.

Recruitment Agencies London

Not all recruitment agencies in London are focused on your area of expertise. Airswift is the premier manpower provider with over 30 years of exclusive focus in the Oil & Gas sector. We work with employers and contractors facilitating relationships that benefit everyone. That’s something most London recruitment agencies simply can’t say. Whether you’re a contractor or a company client, join the biggest network in Oil & Gas today. Click here to learn more about Recruitment Agencies London.

Recruitment Agencies UK

Making that special connection with a top Oil & Gas employer isn’t always easy, especially if you’re exhausted from your job search. Finding a candidate who is the perfect fit for an opening in your company can be especially hard when you search alone. Airswift is the premier manpower provider that focuses on Oil & Gas staffing and recruiting. We help match top professionals with the best names in the industry. Click here to learn more about Recruitment Agencies UK.

Temporary Agencies London

For both workers and companies, temporary or contract work is more available than permanent positions. Whether it’s for budget reasons, location reasons or anything else, we at Airswift recognize this reality. That’s why a large part of our work is with temporary positions. Unlike other London temp agencies, Airswift has a focus in Oil & Gas with a retention program that helps present new opportunities for our contractors.

All you have to do to get started is get in touch via phone or our contact form, and we’ll get the ball rolling for your career or your business. Click here to learn more about Temporary Agencies London. Fill in the contact form below to find more information about UK oil and gas job resources.