Upstream Jobs

Welcome to Airswift. For over 35 years, when we were putting down roots in the United Kingdom upstream energy, process and infrastructure industries, we’ve been a global leader for the industry’s staffing and recruiting needs. Today, we maintain over 50 global offices, and would like to add you to the Airswift tradition of excellence.

The upstream activities of energy, process and infrastructure companies direct the entire industry, and we are proud to be a part of the process. By connecting talented labor with businesses in need, we perpetuate the excellence of upstream jobs all around the world.


Because every employee is vital to the job, and every upstream energy, process and infrastructure company offers amazing opportunities, we have plenty to do in this sector, and it is the only one we enter. Further, we have wonderful, ongoing relationships with numerous upstream drilling companies, and our contractors are not on the job boards. These people and organizations depend on Airswift for career advancement and a top notch workforce.

Starting with the contractors, we ensure every job is made the most of. Individuals are matched with an account manager, who keeps in contact about potential upstream jobs, resume improvement and replacement positions after temporary ones end. If contractors need to relocate to one of the 57 counties in which we work, we take care of the logistics of travel and housing, as well as visas, immigration papers and passports. With relocation, contractors receive a concierge package to help them acclimate to their new home. Finally, we provide comprehensive benefits packages including medical, dental and vision plans. All of this works to create unbeatable employees.

For our company clients, we streamline the upstream activities hiring process and beyond. First, know that we can assist with upstream drilling, engineering, management, executive positions and more. Our candidates come from an unparalleled databade of contractors, and each has experience in and passion for the energy, process and infrastructure industries. They’ll also meet 90% or more of your specified skill set, and be driven by a desire for professional growth. Before anyone begins upstream jobs with you, we’ll take care of drug screens, background checks, contract and salary negotiation and any other human resource necessities. We’ll also step in with payroll services.


If you like the idea of working with a recruitment specialist, contact Airswift. We have decades of experience with upstream jobs, and connecting employers and employees through them. Because we have so much experience in upstream oil and gas, we have the expertise you demand as an individual or company. Please feel free to complete our contact form below or use the office locator to learn about specific upstream activities. Whether you’re looking in the realm of executive, administrators, engineering or upstream drilling, Airswift is ready to partner with you. Call today!