Upstream Oil and Gas Companies in Ghana

Many companies in the highly competitive energy, infrastructure, and process industries have to approach business growth and development carefully. Choosing to limit yourself only the region, city, or country where you are headquartered can hinder your company and prevent it from securing the best and most lucrative projects and contracts. Refusing to expand your service area can create a major bottleneck that can impact your profit margin, growth, and success in the long term. It will absolutely benefit your company to begin seeking work in other regions and countries.

Africa is home to many nations that are looking to monetize resources, improve or modernize infrastructure, and create jobs that support their citizens. The Republic of Ghana is a perfect example. Located in Western Africa between Togo and the Ivory Coast, Ghana is perfectly situated for access via air or sea. It is a relatively prosperous country with a thriving economy, due in no small part to its impressive natural resources. In addition to industrial mining or minerals like gold, diamonds, silver, and manganese, the country also has a large natural gas reserve, the 49th largest in the whole world.

Seeking Work in Ghana Can Help Your Company Grow

Ghana has massive natural gas and oil reserves that include both land-based oilfields and offshore sites perfect for drilling. The upstream oil and gas companies in Ghana help the nation, and companies locate worthwhile areas to explore for additional resources. There is no comprehensive list of upstream oil and gas companies in Ghana because contracts and businesses change all the time. However, there is plenty of opportunity for outside businesses to help locate and extract natural gas and oil in this resource-rich nation.

Securing a contract in Ghana or another West African country could be the start of new growth and financial prosperity for your company. Of course, there are some complications involved with securing a contract or project in the Republic of Ghana. For example, if your company has never conducted business in Ghana before, you may have trouble recruiting the best local talent or ensuring compliance with local and international laws. There could also be complications associated with relocating staff to Ghana from foreign countries. You need to ensure that any contractors relocating to the country have proper travel, work documentation, and tax withholding in place. Working with an established company that has a presence in Ghana can ensure that you connect with the right talent and comply with all environmental, employment, and tax laws.

Airswift Can Help Your Company Expand to Ghana

Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process, and infrastructure industries. More than just a staffing firm, Airswift provides a full suite of services to support any and all kinds of employment and workforce needs, including contingent and permanent staffing, relocation and immigration services, employment outsourcing, managed services and recruitment outsourcing, and talent research, mapping and analytics.

Our global presence and resources combined with our local knowledge and regional experience benefit our clients and can benefit your business as well. Airswift has several partners across the African content as well as seven offices, one of which is located in Accra, the capital of Ghana. When you choose to partner with Airswift as your workforce solutions provider, we take the time to understand the needs of your business and work to tailor customized solutions and services in order to maximize the success of your new Ghana project. Trusted worldwide, choose Airswift as your partner in Ghana for your next project or staffing needs.