Upstream Oil and Gas Industry

If you are hiring for a company that works in the upstream oil and gas industry, it can be difficult to find qualified employees to fill all of your job vacancies, especially for international positions.

There is added difficulty for many job specifications because most upstream activities in oil and gas industry require highly specialized individuals. How can you guarantee applicants will be a good for the jobs you are advertising? Instead of spending your time and efforts searching for candidates to hire, choose Airswift as your global workforce solutions provider.

Airswift: The Benefits

Airswift has a highly-experienced team who work directly with our clients to identify their hiring needs. More than just a recruitment agency, Airswift partners with our clients in a collaborative and strategic way to provide the most cost-effective and efficient solutions. We have over 30 years of experience partnering with some of the top companies within the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Each of our services can be tailored to support your unique needs within the upstream industry:

  • Talent Acquisition

    • Identifying, on-boarding and managing employees is one of the most critical aspects to project delivery. Our highly-experienced teams have the capability to support both contract and direct hire needs as well as provide executive and board professionals as needed. We maintain a database with over 500,000 candidates who possess varying qualifications and willingness to relocate in order to fit your available positions.
  • Global Employment Outsourcing

    • Often times in the oil and gas industry upstream projects require an entire workforce, either in a single location or multiple locations. Our global employment outsourcing allows our clients to reduce costs, quickly enter new markets and maintain accurate and reliable payroll, and remain compliant by reducing risk.Airswift can manage personnel based on an agreed scope of work, providing our clients with a clearly defined scope of services, reduction in management and HR overheads and mitigation of any contractor-related co-employment risk.
  • Global Mobility Solutions

    • We understand that mobilizing a workforce is not as simple as booking a flight and securing a visa. Moving to an unfamiliar country can be a difficult process, and Airswift ensures it goes as smoothly as possible. In addition to our comprehensive immigration services and finance expertise, we also provide assignment and mobilization services, such as shipment of household goods, airport welcome and orientation and travel management, to reduce any stress of your relocating employees and contractors.
  • Managed Solutions

    • Airswift’s robust managed solutions address the challenges many energy, process and infrastructure projects can experience. From recruiting and mobilizing multi-discipline teams, to integrating a technology-focused supply chain management, our teams take on as much of our clients’ workforce organization burden as possible.We have developed two primary offerings, Managed Service Provision (MSP) and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), to work either together or separately, and both can evolve as your needs change.
  • Consultancy

    • Airswift’s Consultancy services utilize decades of experience to provide trusted expertise and support our clients need to help manage every aspect of a project’s personnel requirements, which includes Total Talent Insights, a pre-configured, ready-to-use analytics service, Talent Mapping, a real-time map providing visibility of talent pools within peer and competitor companies, and Compensation Benchmarking, an overview of pay rates for contractors across the industries we serve.

Airswift has the services to support any and all of your workforce needs. Contact us today to find out more information on our services and how we can make your hiring processes more efficient and stress free.