What Is Industrial Chemistry?

If you aren’t familiar with industrial chemistry, it can seem complicated and confusing. However, like many aspects of industry (and science), it is actually far less imposing than it first seems.

Perhaps your company, once dependent on outside suppliers, is moving component or ingredient manufacturing in-house to ensure a steady supply of critical supplies for your final products. Perhaps you’ve come across complications in your existing facility that require the expertise or innovation of a chemist. Whatever your needs, there is a lot of information available about industrial chemistry, some of which can be overwhelmingly technical.

What Is Industrial Chemistry?

At its most basic level, industrial chemistry is a specific field of chemistry work that focuses on the application of physical and chemical processes to change raw materials into products that have industrial uses.

The applications of chemistry in industry are virtually unlimited, from the treatment of metals to prevent various forms of corrosion to the development of chemical catalysts that speed up common industry chemistry practices and procedures. The marriage of chemistry and industry is a union that continually innovates, creating new opportunities for companies and chemists alike as they push the boundaries of what is possible.

How Do You Fill Industrial Chemistry Jobs?

If you, your management team, and your human resources team do not have a background in industrial chemistry, it can be a daunting prospect, trying to find workers for industrial chemistry jobs. How do you know if an individual is actually qualified for the position? What kind of chemist will be the best fit for your company’s needs?

When it comes to chemistry & industry, there are a number of variables including location of the position and the skillset and education of the talent you are considering for the work. Instead of trying to become an expert in industrial chemistry, it may be smarter to work with a talent acquisition company to find the right industrial chemist for your needs.

Why Outsourcing Industrial Chemistry Talent Acquisition Works

By working with an outside workforce solutions provider like Airswift for your industrial chemist talent acquisition, you can ensure that the people who are vetting and interviewing potential chemists have experience in filling industrial chemist positions and a working knowledge of what skills and education will be the best fit for your company’s needs.

Additionally, your management and human resources teams can then focus on preparing for the new position and existing staff instead of trying to develop a working knowledge of industrial chemistry, just to ensure they can hire the right individual for an open position with your company.

Choose Airswift for Your Industrial Chemistry Talent Acquisition

If your company has an industrial chemistry position that needs to be filled, choosing Airswift to assist in the process of locating and hiring a chemist is your best option. Not only does Airswift offer global coverage with over 50 offices worldwide, but our focus on the energy, process and infrastructure industries means that we have experience in hiring the right talent for chemistry positions.