What Is Mobility Solutions

The market for projects, resources and contracts in the energy, infrastructure, and process industries is relatively global. As a company grows, it often finds itself needing more resource to accommodate the increased business and with this comes obstacles and issues that need to be addressed. One in particular is the identification of staff and potential for mobilization service to spread them around an expanding business. Trying to manage issues and finish projects in the same way as larger, more established companies can cause more problems than it solves. In order to remain competitive, your company will likely need to bid on and complete a number of projects in other countries or even on other continents. Once you secure a contract, you have new issues to address. When trying to develop creative business solutions, mobility is one of the most complex.

How do you get the staff you need to a work site? What if said work site is in a completely new country and your business doesn’t even have an office there? Do you know all of the local and international laws that will apply to your project? Are you familiar with regional employment law? Compliance is a major concern when moving staff from one location to another. There are many logistical considerations when relocating staff, from visas and work permits to arranging for lodging. All of these various mobilization issues can become a project of its own. Why strain you internal resources with all that minutia, when you could rely on another company to provide comprehensive mobility solutions?

What Do Mobility Solutions Mean for Your Company?

Global mobility is the ability of a business or company to move workers, contractors, and supplies from one area to another to complete a project. Simply put, mobility solutions allow your company to compete on a global scale by allowing you to develop a presence where you need it, when you need it. Whether you need to move one highly educated professional, like a manager or chemical engineer, or relocate an entire crew of skilled laborers, there are a lot of details involved in the process.

Mobility solutions allow your company to set the parameters and needs for a project and have skilled professionals handle all the details. Getting staff from one location to another, combining locally recruited staff with relocated experts, and ensuring compliance are services you can expect if you outsource mobility solutions. No one solution works for all companies, however, so the best mobility solutions come from companies with industry experience and the ability to tailor solutions to your exact needs, like Airswift can.

Airswift Offers Custom, Scalable Mobility Solutions

Airswift can offer your company new mobility solutions scaled to your current level of need. From handling a single offshore project to staffing for a dozen concurrent contracts, Airswift has the talent and experience your company can rely on to handle anything. When you choose Airswift for your mobility needs, you can benefit from a global network of offices and staff with more than 30 years of experience in servicing the process, infrastructure, and energy industries. Our mobilization teams have the local knowledge and experience to support your relocating business to any location in the world, no matter how remote or how many staff are being relocated.

Airswift can also manage vendor systems, supply chain logistics and recruiting staff or contractors for your project. Choose Airswift and discover how global mobility can change your business.