Wireline Jobs

From entry level wireline jobs to a wireline supervisor, Airswift has systems in place to connect the finest talent with leading industry companies. If you’re seeking wireline jobs, or hope to fill one with an excellent candidate, look no further than Aiswift.

Over 35 years ago, when Airswift was still sticking close to its roots in the United Kingdom, many of our team might have had the question, “What is a wireline operator?” Today, we are leading global experts in the energy, process and infrastructure sectors, and have contractors working happily in 57 countries. Through over 50 offices around the world, and a database containing more professionals than you’ll find anywhere else, we bring together motivated individuals and the businesses that need them, ultimately improving the quality of wireline and perforating services for those our clients serve.

In addition to unbeatable provisions for wireline jobs, Airswift promotes a culture of support. For over 35 years Airswift has developed strong relationships with individual workers and top companies in the industries in which we are experts.


As soon as you sign up to be an Airswift contractor, we assign a personal account manager to your case. He or she will touch base with you at least every two weeks to discuss your search, or what’s in the works to replace any temporary position you may land. We work to improve your resume, making certain it’s ready to draw the eyes of the employers you most desire. If a wireline job calls for you to relocate, and you’re ready to take your life to a new place, we take care of the logistics of travel and lodging, always with a mind to what’s best for your growth and comfort.


Far from asking “What is a wireline operator” you’re offering the jobs that can make careers for the right candidates. Prepare to meet Airswift contractors who fulfill no less than 90 percent of your specified criteria, have a desire to grow within the business and have been fully vetted by our human resources professionals. Filling wireline jobs is so much easier when you have Airswift on your side.


When you’re ready to learn more about wireline and perforating, or any other wireline jobs in which Airswift deals, simply fill the contact form below or find a specific location with the office locator. It will be our pleasure to discuss this aspect of the energy, process and infrastructure industries with you!