Women Oil and Gas Jobs

Despite much progress to remove gender barriers, some industries remain primarily male dominated. Fields that demand physical labor, highly technical industries, and jobs with higher rates of injury or death tend to have more male workers. However, a shortage of women in an industry can lead to stagnation and may limit employers to choosing less qualified workers. There is unquestionably a gender imbalance in the number of workers in the process, infrastructure, and energy industries. Thankfully, carefully planned recruitment and talent strategies can address this issue.

Internal practices tend to favor the status quo. If your company has a history of only hiring male workers, it is very likely that everything from your job listings to your benefit packages are designed with male workers as the focus, which can leave your company less than attractive to the best and brightest women workers in the oil and gas industry. Your company should not miss out on connecting with the best talent simply because it fails to properly appeal to workers of both genders.

Finding Women Workers Can Balance Your Team

There are many more men than women in energy, but inclusive hiring efforts by companies can change that. While it isn’t appropriate or legal to advertise specific jobs for women in the oil industry, your business can take steps to make it more attractive to female contractors and employees. Many of your existing positions are for men and women, and oil field jobs for women are no different. Even positions in traditionally dangerous environments can work for professional women in this industry. Your company likely has oil rig jobs for women, even if you haven’t hired a woman yet.

One of the best ways to improve diversity among your staff is to ensure that you use gender-neutral language when listing positions. You should also consider reviewing your benefits package to make sure it is attractive to potential woman employees. Women professionals bring different skill sets, including soft skills for handling people problems and better multi-tasking ability than most male workers.

Airswift Can Help Your Company Hire and Retain Workers

As a global leader in workforce solutions for companies in the infrastructure, process, and energy fields, Airswift is uniquely positioned to help your company recruit and retain the best possible talent. Our team of hundreds of employees comes from technical backgrounds, which ensures that we understand the demands of any position. We also have more than three decades of experience in helping companies overcome hiring and talent issues.

Airswift can help your company review its internal policies, compensation and benefit packages, and brand to determine how you can better attract women workers and contractors for key roles in your organization. If your company hopes to create or hire for oil and gas jobs for women, Airswift can manage the entire process and connect you with the right talent for the position in question. Choose Airswift to find out how simple it can be for your company to attract professional women for oil and gas positions.