Worldwide Recruitment

Welcome to Airswift. For three and a half decades we’ve been a leader in global staffing and recruiting for the energy, process and infrastructure sectors, and we’d like to make you one of our valued network members through worldwide recruitment.

With over 800 employees and 6,000 contractors operating in over 50 countries, our geographical reach and pool of talent available is unmatched in the industry and the level of experience, exposure and expertise that the organization has is unparalleled. Our Airswift company has grown from a small, London-based office, run by just a few driven employees to a large worldwide company.

You deserve to be connected to the best opportunities, and that’s why we want to talk to you about our world-wide recruitment. Whether you’re an individual looking to get into the energy, process and infrastructure industries, or a veteran executive, you need to grow your enterprise with the best partners. From the United States to China to Africa to Canada, Airswift can put you in touch with the people that will drive your success in the location you want to be.


When you post a vacancy, you anticipate numerous applicants, many of whom will not have the skills the job demands. Airswift will act as your vetting agency, handling background checks, drug screens and salary negotiations. When we send candidates your way, they’ll meet 90 percent or more of your specified skill set requirements, and possess motivation that goes beyond a paycheck. Our worldwide recruitment capabilities work with individuals who do not use job boards, and only look to Airswift for advancement in their careers.

Often, we see former contractors asking us for candidates to use at their own companies, and this speaks volumes to what we do. We’d love to build a lasting, active working relationship with your brand. Come talk to us today!


If you’re open to energy, process and infrastructure careers worldwide, and are tired of dealing with staffing and recruiting agencies that don’t understand your goals, come to Airswift. You’ll work with a personal account manager who keeps will let you know about current and upcoming opportunities, and will help you update your resume and guide you through your job search. If you’re hoping to relocate, our world wide recruitment could be just the solution you’ve been after. We will assist you with your immigration papers, passports, visas and logistics.


When you’re ready to learn more about how Swift does worldwide recruitment, get in touch with either the online contact form below or our office locator. Spend some time getting to know us, and tell us more about your background and goals. We can’t wait to start working with your for the improvement of the energy, process and infrastructure industries!