Webinar: 8 mistakes to avoid when growing internationally

Join us on the 29th October to make the most of your global expansion

    Are you missing a trick with your international growth strategy?

    International growth is one of the biggest drivers behind business development. It’s a process that should be carried out carefully, otherwise you may encounter a number of pitfalls. 

    We’re running a webinar to discuss the biggest mistakes to avoid during international business growth. This will take place on Thursday, October 29th at 16:00 GMT.

    GEO Webinar Intro

    In the webinar, we'll cover the below:

    • Incorporation vs. outsourcing - how to decide
    • Failing to do a cost/benefit comparison between your own entity and using GEO 
    • Failing to factor in hidden costs 
    • Thinking all GEO companies are the same 
    • Working with too many GEO partners 
    • Failing to set up a ‘co-employment’ dynamic 

    And more! 

    During the webinar, you’ll hear from our experts Chris Fogarty, Director - Global Mobility Solutions, and Chiara Navigante, Business Development Manager for Europe and Africa. 


    Chris Fogarty

    chris-fogartyChris has been a global employment and mobility specialist for over 20 years. He has gained experience on the supply side, helping clients establish and execute world-class mobility programs. He is also an expert on the delivery side, running mobility and outsourced HR operations.

    Chris has also been an expatriate, living and working in multiple locations outside of his home country. He is an active member of the global mobility community, regularly speaking at industry events and conferences on subjects as diverse as ‘Sustainability in Mobility’ and ‘How to Create World-Class Vendor Partnerships’

    Chris has worked with well over 100 global organizations helping them improve their HR functions.

    Chiara Navigante

    chiara-naviganteChiara is an accomplished professional, public speaker, and motivator with a wealth of international experience, resulting first from her time as an Olympic athlete and also as a specialist in global mobility.

    With an entrepreneurial and athletic mindset, Chiara enjoys challenges and is highly committed to resiliency. She has been a member of the Airswift team since March this year and is an ambassador of our GEO programme, where she helps companies manage their workforce related challenges in the new digital and global era.

    Chiara recently obtained her executive MBA from Hult International Business School with a specialisation in disruptive business models, artificial intelligence, brand management in the digital age, project planning and execution, leadership and negotiation, and finance management for start-ups. 

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