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US offshore wind energy: a deep dive into its potential, creating jobs and boosting the economy

Want to know everything about US offshore wind energy, from leading companies, projects, and jobs, to challenges and opportunities? Read the blog and get ready for the market!

Written by: Nana Terra May 30, 2023

Wind energy in Brazil breaks records and creates jobs

Brazil is in 6th place in the global wind ranking with 24GW of installed capacity. Find the top onshore and offshore projects, leading companies, and how renewable energy recruitment agencies can help you.

Written by: Nana Terra April 4, 2023

Has renewable energy promoted inclusion and gender balance?

The lack of professionals in clean energy has been a big concern. But it is also an opportunity to write a new story by reducing gender disparity in renewable energy recruitment. Read about the share of women in the industry and how to overcome the challenges.

Written by: Nana Terra November 29, 2022

Are we on the right track to achieving net zero? 6 highlights from COP27

COP27 held high-level events and critical negotiations. But are we ready for the energy transition? Find the top 6 highlights from the COP27.

Written by: Nana Terra November 29, 2022

Australian hydrogen strategy, workforce and projects starting in 2023

Green hydrogen has been at the centre of the discussion in the race toward decarbonisation. Read about the national strategy, jobs in demand, and projects to watch in 2023.

Written by: Nana Terra August 23, 2022

5 US offshore wind projects and skills needed for the ‘Green New Deal’

Read about key US offshore wind projects, jobs in demand, and market trends. The future is green, and the Biden administration is heading in that direction.

Written by: Nana Terra August 19, 2022

10 European offshore wind projects to watch

Europe can top 4GW for the first time and more than double additions seen in 2021. This blog outlines the top 10 offshore wind projects, market trends and jobs in demand.

Written by: Nana Terra June 30, 2022

3 UK offshore wind projects expected to break European records in 2022

The UK can drive the record-high capacity additions in Europe with three projects still in 2022. Read about challenges and opportunities in the region.

Written by: Nana Terra June 30, 2022

What skills can empower the green workforce of the future?

The future of work is green, and the time to build a tomorrow-ready workforce is now. Up to 43 million new jobs will be created by 2050. Find out the latest insights on skill sets.

Written by: Nana Terra May 24, 2022