Electrical Engineer Jobs and Career Opportunities

Are you looking for an electrical engineer job within the energy, process and infrastructure industries? Read on to find out more about the jobs market. We can help you take the first steps in your electrical engineer career.

Do you want to expand your career as an electrical engineer? Whether you’re searching for full time or contract work, this page will tell you everything you need to know. This includes what the job involves and the required skills and qualifications. 

What does an electrical engineer job involve?

Generally, electrical engineer responsibilities include:

  • Designing new ways to use electrical power to improve or develop electronic components, systems, software and products
  • Reviewing and approving the cost-effectiveness, reliability and safety of design models
  • Analysing electrical system requirements, capacity, cost and project needs 
  • Supervising the simulation and testing of machinery and systems 
  • Performing calculations to compute manufacturing, installation and construction specifications and standards 
  • Directing manufacturing, installation and testing to make sure that products meet codes and specifications 
  • Developing testing and maintenance procedures for electrical equipment and components 
  • Inspecting electronic equipment, systems and instruments to ensure they meet safety requirements 

What skills and qualifications do I need to become an electrical engineer?

To work as an electrical engineer, you’ll need significant experience in similar roles. You should also have experience using computer applications and design software related to engineering.

Electrical engineers also need good written and verbal communication skills and should be excellent team players. They should also have strong mentoring and leadership skills in order to provide support and offer constructive feedback on performance. 

Preferred qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, along with any relevant work experience. 

Why Airswift?

Airswift is a global workforce solutions provider dedicated to helping you grow your career. If you want to work with some of the biggest energy, process and infrastructure companies, we can help.

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Are you an employer looking for electrical engineers?

If you’re an employer or hiring manager looking for an electrical engineer to work on your projects, we can help. Airswift can take care of all your HR requirements, from contract negotiations to drug screenings. This gives you more time to focus on your business. 

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