FER TA Planning Coordinator

Atyrau, Kazakhstan

Job Reference 1194120

Location Atyrau, Kazakhstan

Industry Oil & Gas - Onshore Oil

Function Administration

Job Type Contract

Date Added September 14, 2023

Job Description: 
  • Compile and update tracking register for Compliance and Opportunity inspection equipment using Capstone database.
  • Create drawings and Calculation for length & surface area for cleaning & NDT of weld seams, nozzle attachment welds each Turnaround Inspection plan.
  • Create weld location drawings for every equipment to identify weld seams to be NDT tested.
  • Create metal spray/coating application surface area drawings and calculations using AutoCAD.
  • Create scaffold requirements drawing for inspection purposes with sizes.
  • Create drawing for IRIS/Eddy Current tube inspection scope on heat exchangers.
  • Liaise with Process Engineering, Design Engineering, RE fixed equipment inspectors and TASP for information and review of TAIP.
  • Creating equipment folders with TAIP, drawings, P&Ids,  draft inspection reports, job packs, etc.
  • Compiling and liaise with RE group and TASP for housing / accommodation, revise and update as needed.
  • Compile  transportation requirements for RE group and send request to TASP logistics group, revise, update as needed.
  • Compile headcount for office space/ remote offices and storage containers for RE group and NDTS, send request to TASP logistics group, revise , update as needed.
  • Compile radio requirements for RE group and NDTS, send request to TASP logistics group, revise, update as needed, work with other groups to find additional radios, collect/control and return.
  • Compile headcount for work stations/desks for RE group and NDTS and contractors, send request to TASP admin, revise , update as needed.
  • Create spreadsheet for manpower per unit area for Company and NDTS contract personnel, liaise with RE group, NDTS to collect names and dates, revise, update as needed.
  • Search and invite translators for TA periods to support RE during TA, arrange for training, work stations, transport, access to TASP folder.
  • Create spreadsheet overtime schedule for Company employees (Form#3), get approvals and send to TASP admin.
  • Create spreadsheet with fatigue management plan/dates for RE group/NDTS, get approval from RE manager and sent to TASP, control everyone follow the Fatigue management procedure during TA.
  • Create spreadsheet safety training for RE group/NDTS personnel and TA contract inspectors, enroll and control everyone passed. 
  • Liaise with Competency Development Group for planning and scheduling of contractor and Company employee training requirements.
  • Compiling list to order consumables, equipment, furniture, PPE, etc. for Company and contractors for TA execution, get quotation, send for approval to RE supervisor
  • Placing orders for above mentioned and receiving and distribution, storage-save, keeping, control.
  • Order water, janitorial, stationary for the RE group and NDTS and distribute them to all offices and containers.
  • Controlling and updating forecast/cost for RE Fixed equipment TA AFE.
  • Interpretation and translation when required.
  • Updating SSR database for inspection progress during TA.
  • Coordinating Inspection recommendation reports and distribution, shift handover reports for TA lead Inspector during TA.
  • TA/Non- TA Acts from RBI group – distribution /collecting signatures.
  • Manage move from IB MOA office to TA Plant office during TA and back, including issuing material passes.
  • Radio inventory of whole RE department, control, issue and save keeping.
  • Prepare Directives for equipment to be prolonged till TA period, distribute for signatures.
  • Prepare list of personnel that need access to TASP folders, get justification and send request to TASP admin.
  • Higher technical educaiton.
  • 1-3 years in administration and logistics
  • English language proficiency
  • Knowledge and practical skills with handling the regulatory documentation (desirable)
  • Demonstrates excellent oral and written communication skills to all levels of Management.
  • Assertive, convincing and with high degree of poise in all communications to groups inside and outside work area.
  • Ability to address and solve issues, good team player.

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