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Kermit, Texas, USA

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Automation Coordinator - Role Expectations

  • Provides support for the various functional teams located in field assets. Develops solutions for reported issues/enhancements/requests under the supervision of the Enterprise Automation Coordinators. Shepherds solutions through to completion through scoping, development, testing and presentation to the customer.
  • Conforms to Anadarko's Automation Guidelines and best practices and consults team members for guidance
  • IOC/OCC Support
    • Facilitates the development of requirements for enhancements or new products requested by IOC, OCC and local operations from within assets that fall under their purview.
    • Engages the Enterprise EAC when enhancements are identified or requested to ensure requirements are consistent across assets and that work is not duplicated. Assists the Enterprise EAC with developing realistic requirements for enhancements requested by AAET.
    • Champions functional requirements generated by assets under their purview through the review process and tracks progress of development through to completion.
    • Responsible for the deployment of content deemed as "Enterprise" to systems within their purview. Also ensures that local IOC, operations and corporate users are trained in the use of the Enterprise tool. (Examples: Tank Leak Detection, Alarm Management, Compressor Optimization)
  • Automation Host Support
    • Responsible for Enterprise host systems and servers within their purview, including but not limited to: host system configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting and decommissioning. New or modified screens, templates or scripts should be filtered through the EAC.
    • Execute automation host enhancement requests, bug repairs and new requests that are identified by the EAC.
      • Perform work for completion of tasks that are within skillset
      • Inform EAC, project team and/or management of status of tasks
    • Ensures the implementation or modification of enterprise hardware templates within applicable guidelines or standards
    • Understands the design and implementation of SCADA Networks. Supports SCADA communications relevant to the host system.
      Enterprise Automation Coordinator - Detailed Responsibilities
    • Versed in the application of CygNet as a SCADA Host
    • Familiarity with RTU's and PLC's
    • Understanding of communications, both serial and Ethernet, and the different protocols for each
    • Working knowledge of FTP, FTP Commands, Windows Task Scheduling and .bat/.cmd files
  • Automation Hosts
    • Knowledge in the implementation and maintenance of WonderWare Intouch and/or Archestra as a control system host
    • Knowledge in the implementation and maintenance of DeltaV as a control system host
  • Knowledge of scripting/programming languages such as:
    • VBScript
    • .NET
    • Java
    • Python
    • R
  • Other Skills
    • Working knowledge of FTP, FTP Commands, Windows Task Scheduling and .bat/.cmd files
    • Querying data using .sql
    • Proficient in using the Microsoft Office suite, especially Excel and Access

Enterprise Automation Coordinator - Education

  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Computer Science, or related field
  • Or applicable experience with SCADA and control system hosts

Enterprise Automation Coordinator - Soft Skills

  • Ability to follow both written and oral instructions
  • Attention to detail is a must
  • Able to function as part of a team and on individual projects
  • Self-starter seeking out opportunities to assist the team
  • Must be comfortable speaking up and providing input or asking questions
  • Must be comfortable leveraging other team members and following their guidance/advice
  • Capable of presenting solutions to a wide audience and taking feed back
  • Comfortable interfacing with individuals of varying backgrounds