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Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

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Supply Chain


Supply Chain Strategy


The Category Manager is responsible for the development of the Category strategy in view of increasing client competitiveness and actively participating in business development.
You ensure the effective management of strategically important vendors (through Vendor Managers) and the efficient global sourcing of key equipment (through Sourcing Managers).
You ensure that the category is closely connected both internally to projects and operations; and externally to suppliers, thereby forming an effective bridge between the two.
Must have working knowledge of products in the Turret and Mooring Category namely:
  • Winches
  • Mooring Chains & accessories
  • Mooring Wire Ropes
  • Mooring Polyester ropes


1. In order that the Category Strategy meets both company strategic objectives, and future project and operations requirements, you are to:
1.1. Define the roadmap of future technological requirements for the category based on continuous collaboration with Group Engineering, Group P&TD and strategic vendors.
1.2. Define category volumes forecasts for next 3 years based on inputs from Sales & Marketing
1.3. Understand the technical and commercial issues of the product lines and ensure that category constraints, opportunities and risks for SC are addressed in the strategy
1.4. Agree Category performance objectives and translate these to objectives for vendor management and strategic sourcing activities
1.5. Overview the vendor qualification activities related to his/her category

The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:
  • % of savings estimated for the category
  • Demonstrated quality of deliverables
  • Number of successful vendor qualifications related to the category
  • Number of frame agreements signed for equipment / service related to the category

2. In order that projects and operations receive the benefits identified in the Category Strategy, you are to:
2.1. Support the definition and implementation of the Project Procurement Strategy (PPS):
2.2. Leverage the vendor network to build competitive advantages (eg strategic relationship) and assist in initiating pre-agreements during the win phase
2.3. Provide direct support to the negotiation with vendors for key packages / services, as required.
2.4. Ensure that best practices / lessons learned are captured, formalized, shared and implemented for continuous improvement - acting as memory keeper.
2.5. Define generic quality control plan (QCP for non-strategic vendors) for the equipment related to your category based on multi-disciplinary approach
2.6. Serve as SC Group expert for your category and be recognized as focal point by the key stakeholders (Proposal, Engineering, Construction, Operations)
2.7. Share category expertise with PPMs and PKMs, Operations Managers and provide assistance for any project issues related to the category

The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:
  • % of realized savings on the category equipment
  • Demonstrated actions to monitor and implement lessons learned

3. In order that category performance achieves the Group SC objectives, you are to:
3.1. Ensure compliance with category sourcing strategy during Execute and Operate phases
3.2. Measure and monitor the contracted savings from the implementation of the category strategy
3.3. Monitor and report the SC KPIs for the category (eg savings, % of spend under group framework agreements, strategic vendor performance)
3.4. Engage with Product Line SC Managers or Group SC Director to develop Framing PPS
3.5. Engage with PPM and RC SC Managers to develop and implement the PPS (e.g recommendation on approved vendor lists and/or Group Framework Agreements)

The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:
  • % of estimated savings delivered for the category
  • % of spend managed under GFA for the category
  • Achievement of vendor performance objectives