Dredging Client Representative

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St. Petersburg, , Russia

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Job description

The main responsibility for this position is to supervise and control the dredging and backfilling works which the Dredging Contractor will perform at the Russian Landfall.
The role is of particular importance, as the dredging and backfilling vessels will be operating into a natural reserve which Company is committed to protect from damages and pollution by implementing a set of protective measures to comply with requirements issued by Russian relevant Authorities.

The position shall therefore possess a high sensitivity to environmental matters, and, moreover, a high competency and in-depth understanding of the dredging and backfilling work methodologies as well as of the risks inherent to the performance of those activities.

The position is furthermore accountable for:

  • Daily monitoring/approval of progress performed by the dredging and backfilling spread against plans, ensuring that works are performed according to the approved working procedures
  • Liaising with the Construction Control Body in order to ensure a timely control/approval of Contractor's as built documents with respect to the Working Documentation
  • Reviewing and approving Contractor's daily working plans
  • Ensuring that safety or environmental related items of concern identified during works are tackled by Contractors on a timely basis
  • Identify potential risks of environmental damages resulting from wrong working procedures, use of defective machineries, excessively worn out equipment
  • Ensuring that Contractor's vessels are equipped with devices necessary to tackle spills, leaks into the environment

Requirements & Key Qualifications:

  • Technical Diploma in or equivalent degree
  • 10 + years of experience in the execution or supervision of dredging and backfilling works
  • Fluency in oral and written English, knowledge of written and oral Russian is a plus
  • Valid BOSIET Training certificate
  • Knowledge of Russian Legislation with respect to preparation and issuing of Working Documentation is a plus


  • 3-4 months contract offshore, Barents sea
  • Rotation schemes negotiable
  • Transfer and accommodation provided