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Los Angeles Metro Area, California, USA

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Airswift, working with a leading refiner, is seeking an I&E Planner/Coordinator to work within their facilities in Los Angeles.

  • Work cross-departmentally to ensure total alignment and coordinate Project/TAR E&I activities to completion.
  • Manage all aspects of productivity, Labor/Material costs, Rental Equipment, time constraints, critical dates, head count, work schedule etc., for all Project/TAR assignments.
  • Must be knowledgeable of P6 and know how to navigate, fundamentally build plans, link logic, evaluate resource assignments and hours, prioritize and manage planning effort, etc.
  • Must understand and be able to manage the E&I QA documentation and work flow process, for both TAR's and Projects, as defined by the E&I Supervisor. This includes but is not limited to, managing the construction of QA folders, as well as the timely Turn Over of completed documentation for MOC and or Project/TAR closeout.
  • Must thoroughly understand and use the RFI, FCO and SCR processes, for both TAR's and Projects.
  • Must understand and be able to manage contractor hiring plans and head count, utilizing resource mobility, to prevent inflating cost.
  • Must understand the concept of accurate Tic'ing and manage and execute accordingly. All Tic Books are to be updated daily. Project Tic books are to be turned in by the end of business every Friday. TAR Tic books are to be turned in by 4am each day.
  • For TAR's/Projects: Must be able to manage the TAR/Project work lists, associated E&l work list and the planning effort for embedded and standalone E&l work, attend TAR/Project meetings, be able to recognize and address all concerns that could negatively impact the TAR/Construction effort, bridge gaps between the E&l group and other disciplines, review RFI's, FCO's and SCR's and validate the content, review and interpret SIS procedures for accurate planning, etc. In addition, must be able to build and manage the E&l work lists associated with TAR, per the protocol defined by the E&l Supervisor.
  • Review, validate and coordinate items to be sent out for repair, with appropriate designee. (i.e.: control valves, MOV's, EIV's, etc.).
  • Compile a list of on-site TAR or Project support work, requiring outside vendor or specialty contractor assistance and schedule accordingly. Inform E&l Supervisor of all additional support needed to ensure service contracts and PO's are in place.
  • Assure that MPC E&l expectations/specifications are upheld and Spec checks are performed on new equipment, in a timely manner.
  • Must be fully engaged with all field activities and be able to provide adequate updates at any given time.
  • Must attend E&l staff meetings every Tuesday and Thursday and be prepared to give accurate updates on all assignments, for both Projects and TAR.
  • Ensure contractors off-rent equipment at the end of each Project and TAR. NOTE: Equipment will not be transferred from one job to the next. It must be off-rented and then rented again, as needed.
  • Attend and engage in Contractor weekly safety meetings and unit tool box meetings.
  • Report all Safety incidents and or concerns to the E&l Supervisor and E&l Leads.
  • Copy E&l Supervisor on all correspondence regarding RFl's, SCR's, FCO's, engineering issues, maintenance issues, operations issues, material issues, etc. Transparency is a requirement.
  • Work within the schedule guidelines, as defined by the E&l Supervisor. Excessive absenteeism and tardiness will not be tolerated.


  • 10+ years of TAR I&E planning experience, with particular emphasis on instrumentation
  • P6 strongly preferred

***Must have current US work authorization and be located in the US.***

Job ID: 1099129