Project Inspections Coordinator

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Vlaardingen, South Holland, Netherlands

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Job Requirements

Education & Experience

  • HND Level with 3 years experience in administrative support.
  • 5 years or more of experience as Inspection coordination in the Oil and Gas industry (possibly in the offshore market) for complex packages (e.g. Gas Compressors, Power Generator, etc…)
  • Fluent in spoken and written English.
  • NACE, NDT, CompEx (EX) qualifications.
  • Experience as 3rd party vendor inspector in the Oil and Gas industry.
  • Additional languages: Portuguese, Spanish, Italian
  • Knowledge in NAVISION


  • Be knowledgeable of the requirements of codes, standards, project specifications, procedures and documents distribution systems in relation to CAPEX Projects;
  • interface with Package Managers and Suppliers, Package Engineers, and Project QA;
  • Generate and maintain a Vendor Inspection Plan (VIP) with NADIA for assigned projects.
  • ensure that key issues arising from Inspection visits are brought to the immediate attention of the Package Manager, Package Engineer and the Project Procurement Manager;
  • ensure that Project protocol for issue of Inspection Release Certificates, Inspection Waivers and Issue of Punch lists is implemented;
  • identifying the Suppliers / Sub-suppliers to be visited, location, names of inspectors assigned and the general nature of the inspection visit;
  • monitor and report through the role of the Field Inspectors that 3rd Party and Class Inspection requirements are identified within Suppliers ITPs, implemented through P.O. Execution and are completed at the time of issue of Inspection Release Certificates;
  • review inspection documentation inputs;
  • initiate inspection related communication with supplier and attend relevant meetings;
  • evaluate candidates and supporting documentation of technically competent field inspection personnel;
  • prepare documentation for field inspection;
  • ensure all inspectors assigned to the inspection activities are fully familiar with the requirements of the project's procedures;
  • provide general review and comments to Suppliers' QCPs and Monitor that QCPs reach final approval prior to manufacturing;
  • manage attendance of the Field Inspectors at Pre-Inspection meetings (PIM);
  • manage the mobilization and supervise the inspection work of the Field Inspectors;
  • receive and review inspection reports from the Field Inspectors, ensuring that Inspection Reports, Non-Conformance Reports, Inspection Release Notes and Punch-List/Outstanding Work Lists are issued to the Project;
  • follow-up on inspection related document comments;
  • report to Lead Inspection coordinator for matters related to the organization of the inspection activities, technical matters and performance of the inspectors and Inspection Agencies;
  • participate in the assessment and rating of the contracted inspectors;
  • participate in the set up of package inspection levels and Inspection Matrix , to log inspection data in NADIA with the help of Inspection Assistants, to liaise with the Certifying Authority and Client for their involvement in the inspection process;
  • ensure that QCPs are properly implemented and marked-up by the Inspectors;
  • ensure that Non Conformance Reports (NCR) and Punch-List/Outstanding Work Lists (OWL) are closed prior to shipment;
  • responsible for assignment of inspection levels in the procurement database (derived from the criticality level assessment as per Group Enterprise Management System), changes of levels against the initial assessment to be documented and monitored;
  • coordinate and participate in the development and maintenance of a project Quality Control Plan for each individual project, where required;
  • interface with inspection agencies and formalize inspector assignments and liaise with them in respect to surveillance planning, intermediate source inspection, expediting and Factory Acceptance Test (FAT);
  • coordinate and liaise with engineering, construction, client and CA representatives and ensure adequate attendance during pre-fabrication, pre-inspection meetings with selected suppliers and during intermediate inspections and/or FAT, as per project requirements;
  • ensure transfer of inspection data and results in the Project QCP;


  • Understanding of technical documentation (technical speccs, QCP, FAT procedures, Calibration certificates, etc)
  • Experience working on EPC project.