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Watonga, Oklahoma, USA

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Measurement & Site Security

    • Ensure tanks are effectively sealed & recorded in EVIN
    • MANCHECK gas meters twice per month & notify Measurement Tech of discrepancies over 5%
    • MANCHECK tank gaugers once per quarter & notify I&E Tech of discrepancies
    • Witness as many oil sales as possible
    • Report unauthorized oil movements to Supervisor
    • Basic knowledge of Measurement & Production Site Security Procedure (MPSSP)
    • Close & lock gates were applicable
    • Install/replace lease signs as needed

Production Accounting

    • Review EVIN & Wonderware daily to ensure well producing at optimal rates & accurate data
    • Enter water tickets, oil tickets, comments, downtime & MANCHECKS
    • Manage split flow wells per schedule

Well Site (Separators, Heater Treaters, Line Heaters, Production Units, Tanks, Dikes, Pumps, Flares, VRT, Dehy)

    • Check well site & equipment daily for leaks & working condition- repair issues if possible
    • Maintain locations per Tier 1 Audit checklist
    • Drain fuel scrubbers & regulators
    • Maintain housekeeping - remove trash, fittings, pipe, trip hazards
    • Coordinate & supervise transfer of oil from water tanks & hot oiling schedule
    • Pump storm water from containments & document
    • Yearly inspection of thief hatches & vent valves
    • Prep for winter- methanol available, pumps, heat trace & burner systems operational
    • Pump by exception for abnormal circumstances (meetings, weather, other activity)

Pumping Units

    • Inspect pumping units- rod rotator, stuffing box, belts, bearings, back pressure regulator
    • Replace stuffing box packing
    • Use POC, time clock, or LOWIS to optimize settings

Plunger Lift

    • Monitor & optimize plunger lift in Wonderware
    • Inspect plungers every three months (monthly if needed) & replace as needed
    • Document inspections & replacement in shared drive or report to Production Tech
    • Ensure motor valve & plunger arrival sensor are work properly

Compressors (Gas Jack, Gas Injection, CDP, VRU)

    • Daily check of pressures, liquid levels, temperatures & rpm - report problems to mechanic
    • Enter compressor parameters & downtime in EVIN

Chemical Program

    • Verify pumps are operational- repair or notify Nalco-Champion if unable to repair
    • Check rate to confirm on target & ensure sufficient inventory

New Drill Wells

    • Daily check once flowback starts
    • Lead first gas sales & submit documentation
    • Participate/lead commissioning of facilities
    • Coordinate tank strapping & submit first oil sales documentation
    • Work with engineers on back pressure & choke settings
    • Participate in flare startup & ensure flare lit daily

Company Owned Equipment (Vehicles, Computers, Cell Phones, Doghouse, Tools)

    • Maintain vehicle cleanliness & maintenance schedule
    • Proper care of equipment & replace damaged/defective equipment
    • Maintain & organize doghouse