Rig Logistics Coordinator

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Trinidad and Tobago, , Trinidad and Tobago

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Our client, one of our major energy companies, is seeking a Rig Logistics Coordinator to work on a two-year assignment within their facilities located in Trinidad and Tobago.


  • Responsible for assisting in the pre-planning the Drilling/Completions of the well.
    1. Assist with and provide input for all pre-planning activities.
    2. Attend meetings, conference calls, DWOPs and CWOP's to provide input and support from the logistics side of the planning.
    3. Build a database of equipment and contacts from all vendors for well planning.
    4. Become a point of contact for information with all involved to ease the burden of foremen and engineers.
    * Responsible for maintaining the WellOffice program.
    * Responsible for maintaining the Well planner.
    1. Using the Well program or "prog", the Logistics Coordinator is to build a planner using previous experiences/past planners to estimate a DWOP time for the duration of the well.
    2. The planner should also include a detailed contact list, equipment list, and a forecast of boat and rig deck layouts.
    3. As the well is TD/Completed, the Logistics Coordinator is to update the planner with actual times so that a comparison may be made between actual, DWOP, latest plan, and AFE times.
    4. The planner is to be used to time the delivery of equipment and the arrival of personnel. This planner must be in sync with the WellOffice program, so both are updated several times daily.
    5. Distribute planner to all personnel involved in the well via a distribution list on a daily basis. This keeps all parties involved with the well informed of daily progress, and ensures accurate timing for equipment and personnel needs.
    * Responsible for Aviation scheduling of oncoming and off going operations personnel.
    1. Monitor planner and discuss with foremen appropriate arrival and departure dates. Using the Welloffice Lookahead
    2. Schedule Aviation logistics with all expected flight activity for the upcoming week.
    3. Communicate with vendors their personnel needs and arrange their transportation to the rig.
    * Responsible for all incoming and outgoing cargo.
    1. Arrange shipment of all cargo from vendors to dock to be loaded on marine vessels for transport to rig, as well as from dock to vendor when returning equipment. By use of the Material Request generated in Welloffice.
    2. Communicate with dock personnel (Load Planner) to ensure accuracy of vessel load outs. Communicate closely with foremen on timelines for cargo and ensure that these timelines are met.
    3. Ensure that all loads are manifested properly including dangerous cargo manifests, waste disposal manifests, etc. Using WellOffice to arrange all Material Request to generate Inbound Manifest.
    4. Ensure that all cargo is loaded onto marine vessels in a manner that meets standards and promote safe procedures. Prevention of Dropped Objects is an ongoing focus.
    5. File all delivery tickets, material requests, and backhaul manifests for future reference of shipments.
    6. Work closely with deck foremen on rig to communicate what will be needed when and where at all times. This includes informing the deck foreman of an order of priority of what can be offloaded and back loaded, at what time, and where on the rig it will be required.
    * Responsible for tracking of all rented equipment on board rig.
    1. Ensure that all equipment that is no longer needed is returned to vendor. This includes ensuring that all sub-rented equipment by vendors is returned and taken off rent in a timely manner.
    2. Communicate closely with Invoice to Contract Analyst to ensure that all equipment returned is taken off rent by vendor.
    3. Make rounds on deck and monitor inventory daily.