Salt Water Disposal Technician

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Douglas, Wyoming, USA

Job Type


Job description

  1. Wear PPE at all times when on location (hard hat, FRC, safety glasses, protective boots, 4-gas monitor)
  2. Make sure all 3rd parties on location are wearing PPE at all times
  3. No smoking on location or within the fenced area
  4. Perform JSA at any scope changes
  5. Perform 360 site inspections at the beginning of every shift
  6. Accept only water at the disposal facility. Any fluids other than water will not be accepted
  7. When any trucks or equipment is backing, help spot them in if on location
  8. Change sock filters as needed
  9. Report any spills, regardless of volume to the foreman
  10. Report any automation problems or issues to the foreman
  11. Report any mechanical or facility issues to the foreman
  12. Good housekeeping is an expectation of all facilities
  13. Manage oil inventory to a minimum. Notify the foreman when there is a tank ready for sale
  14. Manage water tanks to an oil interface of 2' with the exception of the GB
  15. Check chemical pumps daily. Confirm no leaks and proper application rates
  16. Contact the foreman anytime you have three or more trucks waiting onsite to unload