Senior Drafting Coordinator - Instrumentation

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Houston, Texas, USA

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We are seeking a Drafting Coordinator to work with one of out clients in Houston.
Must have: solid Instrumentation background.

  • Must have proficiency using Auto-Cad that includes Drawing Border set up, Red Line editing, creating attributed blocks and new drawings from field red lines.
  • Experience with Documenting As-Built/As-Found documents.
  • Preferred familiarity with Natural Gas Compressor, Meter and Interconnect Stations that utilize Reciprocating engines and Turbines.
  • Must be able to travel for extended durations (60 - 75%).
  • Must be able to work inside large PLC, remote I/O and marshalling cabinets and document all I/O, interfaces and layout.
  • Must be able to recognize, identify and document Instrumentation such as Transmitters, Process Switches, Control Valves, Motor Operated Valves and Advanced Flow Meters.
  • Will assist Mechanical Team with questions concerning Instrument, Electrical equipment included on P&ID'S while in Field.
  • Must be able to verify and update Instrument Wiring drawings.
  • Must be able to verify and update Fire and Gas System drawings.
  • Must be physically able to stand, kneel, bend and flex for long hours continuously.
  • Must be able to work in high noise, high heat areas.