SWD Operator

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Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA

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Description of SWD Operations for Injection Wells:

Operator is responsible for all aspects of SWD injection well sites. This includes making sure all safety and policy procedures are in place. Wind socks are visible and not torn. Also, make sure all proper signage is on tanks, pumps, and filter pots (if needed for NORM). Daily routines include monitoring wellhead pressures (Tubing, Casing and Surface Casing). Suction/ discharge pressures as well as flow rates and line pressures. Along with this, filter differential pressures for possible filter changes when needed. Monitor all pumps on location inspecting seals on H-Pumps, charge and transfer pumps and replacing as needed. Gauging and thieving tanks to verify oil, water and bs in all of the facility tanks. Call in trucks as needed to move or skim tanks after verifying levels. Make sure all gauges are entered correctly into eVIN. Make sure all effected personnel are notified if making any changes or troubleshooting automation with good communication. Keeping all facilities in proper working order is required (changing out valves on filter pots, anything that is not working properly). Also keep each location clean from trash or messes.

Description of Water Transfer Operations and Leak Detection:

Along with the above responsibilities, SWD operator is responsible for all aspects of water transfer and leak detection in their area. Operations and maintenance of all facility pumps are to be monitored on a daily basis. Inspect seals on transfer pumps, replace as needed. Monitoring flow rates and line pressures in their area to ensure proper operations. Clean y-strainers, purge lines are a part of the operations and should be done on an as needed basis. Leak detection on all risers in your area as well as all facility pumps replacing carbon steel with stainless or in some cases poly as needed to reduce the possibility of a future leak. Also keep each location clean from trash and messes. Make sure that all valves on any of our equipment has plugs in them at all times!

Drilling and Frac Re-use

Monitor pipe line PSI continually, while keeping rates for Reuse projects at required levels. Communicate with Rig or Frac guys to make sure their needs are being met to the best of our abilities. Gather numbers every morning and enter them in the correct stop for EVIN.

We provide you with a company vehicle, medical, dental, vision, 401K, and tools/equipment!