Travel Officer - Cabo Delgado / Maputo

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Mozambique, , Mozambique

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Key Skills: Travel, Administration, Logistics, Planning, Scheduling
Location: Cabo Delgado/Maputo
Salary / Package: Competitive salary depending on experience
Language: Professional English & Portuguese language ability required
Timeframe: ASAP
Recruitment Partner: Airswift
Account Manager: Brandon Bissell

Key Words: Travel, Logistics, Administration, Admin, Planning, Scheduling, Processes, Field, Contractors, PTS, Personal Travel System, Data, EPC, Project, Stakeholders, Transport, Transit, Heliport, Airports, Air Charter, Terminals, Vehicles, Schedules

Key Responsibilities:
* Ensure a safe working environment is maintained at transit locations for personnel (eg: heliport, airports, air charter terminals, vehicle carparks).
* Ensure procedures for handling and transporting personnel by air or road are complied with.
* Receive booking requests, validate those requests and schedule to available transport services. This may include interfacing with Project partners or EPC contractors where they are the provider or operator of transport services.
* Liaise with requestors and management where constraints or issues are encountered with travel requests to find solutions.
* Interface with office & field staff and contractors to coordinate effective travel operations, and maintain safe, compliant operations. Escalate issues and recommended solutions when shortfalls are identified.
* Ensure services are well coordinated, by routinely communicating and coordinating with end users and other support personnel such as Ground Transport dispatch, Airport staff, Meet & Greet staff and Aviation contractors. This includes advising when connecting ground transport is needed, monitoring the arrival of personnel and ensuring services are seamless and coordinated.
* Support of contingency plans, to deal with any medevacs, security escalation, accidents or incidents.
* Ensure timesheets, manifests, trip records and other validation documentation is robust, accurate and maintained in good order.
* Ensure full and complete reporting of group activities, including routine KPI's and Metrics, as well as other reports as required. Prepare end of month allocation reports.
* Monitor the performance of Meet & Greet and Camp Admin services, ensuring that personnel are met as required, and supported in the travel process. This may include the maintenance and verification of Personnel-on-Board (POB) records.
* Perform PTS (Personnel Transport System) administration and record keeping. This includes:
* Creating and updating user profiles. Ensure data is validated on check-in (esp: Weights, work location, cost center).
* Building flight schedules in PTS, for both charter and commercial services.
* Booking passengers to available flight schedules, on a prioritized basis, in accordance with Travel guidelines.
* Actively report and manage 'go-shows' and 'no-shows'.
* Assist in producing management reports, including POB status, forward demand for flight bookings, schedule requirements.
* Develop and provide reports for end of month allocations.
* Train other users on the correct use of PTS, and participate in data cleansing or data management efforts.

Experience & Skills:
* Bilingual proficiency in Portuguese and English.
* Excellent communication skills and ability to cooperate, liaise and solve problems with others. Attentive and service focused.
* Familiarity with Mozambican travel services, including air charters, airline operators and schedules, ground transport characteristics.
* Confidence and experience in coordinating others and intervening when required, including in remote or field locations.
* Strong data entry and administrative ability. Skills in analyzing data, configuring databases and designing and running data reports.
* Demonstrated ability to conduct assessments, analyse information and prepare written and verbal communications to support management decisions.
* General knowledge about Employer logistics systems and practices across the asset lifecycle, including Projects and Production.

Next Steps:
We have an exceptional team in place, and we are pleased to be able to appoint a further person to our growing business. We are aware that you may not 'tick all the boxes', but if you believe you can genuinely offer some valuable skills and experience to our business, please in the first instance contact our recruitment partner Airswift, and the account manager Brandon Bissell.